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The Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative is part of the Texas Tech University, Department of Nutritional Sciences (TTU-NS). NMHI offers clinical services to the local Lubbock community related to nutrition and metabolic health. Our programs include weight loss, advanced metabolic assessment and state of the science nutritional and motivational counseling and education. We also conduct research studies and provide student training and education in the areas of clinical nutrition, obesity, community nutrition and neuroscience-related brain involvement in eating and metabolism.

NMHI offers Clinical Services Weight Management Nutrition Counseling Metabolic Testing and Body Composition. Click to learn more.
NMHI offers opportunities to Participate in Research Studies and Find Collaborators for Research. Click to learn more.
NMHI offers Educational Opportunities for Community Events and Student & Faculty Opportunities. Click to learn more.
Dr. Martin Binks

We are excited to have this opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and quality of life of the local community through the provision of cutting edge, state of the science, specialized clinical nutrition and metabolic care to people in Lubbock and surrounding regions.
-NMHI Director Dr. Martin Binks.


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Please contact NMHI for more information about our clinical services, research opportunities, or educational opportunities.

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Phone: (806) 742-NMHI (6644)