Texas Tech University

NMHI Mission

The Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Texas Tech Mission


The Nutrition and Metabolic Health Initiative (NMHI) mission is to combat obesity and metabolic disease with cutting edge research, healthcare education and training, and state of the science clinical and community-based programs.


Our overarching goal at NMHI is to improve the health of adults, children and the communities in which they live through advancing knowledge, training the next generations of healthcare providers and providing direct clinical care.


We are committed to fulfilling the fundamental missions of TTU:
Research, Education, and Community Outreach.



NMHI's internationally recognized clinical scientists continue to expand Texas Tech Department of Nutritional Sciences' already substantial international research presence through groundbreaking scientific innovation and discovery related to nutrition and metabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes, community nutrition and food security and also general nutrition and overall health promotion.


NMHI is training future generations of clinical scientists and healthcare providers via hands-on patient care, research, and educational experiences. In addition to valuable experiences for the TTU System's undergraduate and graduate students, we offer the most scientifically advanced training and education to healthcare providers in the community who wish to gain specialized expertise in treating obesity and nutritional aspects of metabolic diseases like diabetes.

Community Outreach & Engagement

NMHI is home to clinical programs and community outreach programs to improve the health of the Lubbock community and surrounding regions. NMHI offers comprehensive assessments of nutritional status, metabolic health, and overall lifestyle-related health. At our facility, people are provided state-of-the-science obesity treatment, nutritional counseling, body composition, and metabolic testing and behavioral lifestyle modification/wellness programs. All geared toward improved health and quality of life.