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Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional Sciences Minor

A student may minor in nutritional sciences by completing a minimum of 18 hours of selected coursework, 9 hours of which must be junior/senior standing. Specific courses for the nutritional sciences minor are finalized and approved by the student in conjunction with the major and minor Advisers. For students pursuing an interdisciplinary studies degree, the NS minor can also be used as a concentration. 
The courses below in bold are offered online.

  • NS 1410: Science of Nutrition - REQUIRED
  • NS 3340: Nutrition in the Lifecycle - REQUIRED
  • Choose four additional courses from the following: (6 hours must be at junior/senior level):
    • NS 2310-Principles of Food Preparation
    • NS 2330- Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport
    • NS 2380- Cultural Aspects of Food
    • NS 3310- Intro to Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • NS 3325-Sports Nutrition
    • NS 3332- Fundamentals of Human Health Behavior Change
    • NS 4220-Medical Terminology
    • NS 4301-Nutrition and Chronic Disease
    • NS 4330-Community Nutrition
    • NS 4350-Emerging Issues in Food Science and Nutrition

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Nutritional Sciences