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ME Student Organizations


Raider Aerospace Society is Texas Tech´s premier aerospace and aeronautics organization. Founded in 2016 by students from the Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. College of Engineering, the mission has been to provide students an opportunity to explore and gain experience in the fields of aerospace and aviation. This mission is accomplished through the participation and sponsorship of multiple aerospace-related projects led by students throughout each academic year. In addition, RAS aims to create a community among engineering students to allow for professional, academic, and personal growth. RAS continues to establish lifelong relationships among students and alumni.




The Robotics and Advanced Tech Society is the leading robotics and engineering organization on campus, focusing on providing hands-on engineering access to all students without any high costs or dues. We want to promote STEM education and its growth to all disciplines through the research, design, innovation, and creation of teleoperated and autonomous robotics and other advanced technologies. RATS has accumulated sponsors and partners within several departments across campus, including the Whitacre College of Engineering, TTU Athletics, the Davis College, the College of Media and Communication, and more. This interdisciplinary nature is at the heart of RATS as it highlights the differences and unique characteristics of our members; we have brought in more than just engineers, but business, English, and kinesiology majors.




American Society of Mechanical Engineers is an educational and technical society whose main concern is the in-depth coverage of mechanical engineering technology and its interpretation to the general public. As a student section, ASME serves as a link between the university and the professional community. Specific purposes of this society are to promote the art, science, and practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences to diverse communities throughout the world. This society also aims to encourage original research, foster engineering education, promote the exchange of information among engineers, students, and others, and broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession in cooperation with other engineering and technical societies.



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