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Undergraduate Minors


Selecting a Minor

Students who are interested in obtaining a minor will find that, through the application of the electives and dual credit for specific courses, most 18-hour minors can be completed with no more than an additional 3 to 6 hours beyond the minimum degree requirements. The Department encourages minors.

The Whitacre College of Engineering minor form should be completed with the minor department, signatures obtained by both minor and major departments, and then filed in the College of Engineering. For additional information about minor options students should contact the ME Advising Offices.

Aerospace Engineering Minor

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University offers an Aerospace Engineering Minor effective for students graduating in Spring 2024.

Aerospace engineering is a growing and popular field in engineering that focuses on the design, development, testing, and operation of aircraft and spacecraft. Students in Mechanical Engineering can apply for this optional minor once they join the department from the Foundational Engineering program.

A minor in Aerospace Engineering consists of two required courses – ME 3370 Fluid Mechanics and ME 4334 Control of Dynamic Systems – and four courses from the following list of electives that are offered in alternate semesters.

  • ME 4352 Aerospace Materials
  • ME 4353 Compressible Flow
  • ME 4355 Aircraft Propulsion
  • ME 4356 Aerodynamics
  • ME 4357 Aircraft Design and Structure
  • ME 4358 Combustion Engineering
  • ME 4361 Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery
  • ME 4330 Flight Dynamics

Additional electives are also planned. Students may also substitute one 3-hour course with (1) ME 4331 Independent Study in aerospace topics, or (2) ME 4000 for CO-OP Internship in an approved aerospace industry. All course substitutions are to be approved by the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Mechanical Engineering. Students outside of WCOE applying for the proposed minor must have a TTU GPA of 3.0 or higher and meet the prerequisites to take the proposed courses.

Approval for Minor Form

To download the Approval for Minor Form, click here.


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