Texas Tech University

Our Responsibility

Our legacy as a prominent mechanical engineering program in the nation can be traced back to the establishment of Texas Tech University as a land-grant institution. Today, we have grown to become the largest major on campus, and our advancement is closely coupled with the university's advancement. We are strong today because of the hard work of those who came before us. By embracing the ideals of a public land-grant institution, it is our responsibility to offer students exceptional educational experiences and empower them to contribute towards the creation of a sustainable society.


The vision of the department is to achieve international recognition as a leading mechanical engineering program, empowering students to excel in fundamentals and teamwork to create a sustainable future.


The mission of the department is to provide students with exceptional educational opportunities rooted in the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Our programs actively support scientific discovery and technological innovation to enhance the quality of lives and livelihoods. Faculty and students undergo vital professional development through engaging in advanced research, design projects, and related endeavors. We foster a collaborative and collegial environment that promotes teamwork, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Strategic Priority

The department will pursue the following priorities to reinforce our recognized strengths and advance our vision.

1. Extend our pillars of research excellence

The department has a rich history of research excellence. We have established six strategic research focus areas: Advanced Energy Systems, Complex Fluids and Soft Materials, Computational Sciences, Healthcare Engineering, Novel Materials and Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering. We actively promote cross-disciplinary research to tackle complex and demanding problems. The department will continue to recruit and retain outstanding faculty who are or will become leaders in their fields.

2. Strengthen our graduate program

The department takes pride in the synergy between research excellence and the graduate program. The plan is to enhance the quality of our graduate program by elevating the publication expectation and expanding the research expenditure. We will proactively recruit students beyond traditional borders, particularly domestic students, and instill the highest standards of scholarship within our graduate student community.

3. Enrich our undergraduate program

The undergraduate program has always been the foundation of our department, and we are committed to providing exceptional value to our students. We will continue to enhance their educational experience through innovative teaching methods and hands-on research opportunities. Our curriculum remains dynamic, regularly incorporating forward-looking curricular options such as aerospace, bioengineering, and data science. We foster a culture of creativity and innovation by emphasizing capstone design, laboratory work, and experiential learning. Our graduates can adapt, think critically, and provide practical solutions to complex challenges.

4. Develop our people

The continued growth of our faculty, staff, and students is crucial for our department's future, ensuring that we remain a top choice for individuals seeking to study, work, and learn. The department offers well-structured mentorship opportunities for new faculty members and undergraduate juniors and seniors. We are committed to supporting the ongoing professional growth of our faculty, staff, and students, preparing them for leadership positions within their respective fields.

5. Build our community

We aim to create an intellectually diverse community that empowers students to excel in their future careers. As the global society becomes increasingly diverse, students must develop cultural intelligence and the ability to engage effectively with diversity and differences. The department aspires to be the preferred destination for historically marginalized students, offering them an exceptional education and preparing them to become leaders in the world.


Department of Mechanical Engineering