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About the Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a tremendous asset to the Whitacre College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, the State of Texas, and the nation. According to ASEE data, the Department is ranked in the top 25 in producing B.S.M.E. graduates (a total of 274 schools reported). Currently, the Department consists of 34 highly-qualified faculty members from a diverse background who are committed to excellence in research and teaching. Many of the faculty members are fellows in their professional organizations, and many have received numerous teaching and research awards.

The Department offers fully accredited B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E., and Ph.D. degrees, and has a thriving undergraduate population of 567 students and a graduate student population of 136 (47 MS and 89 Ph.D. students). The Department dates back to 1925 at the inception of Texas Tech University. The B.S. program started at that time, with the B.S.M.E. degree conferred to six students for the first time in 1929. The M.S. program for the Department was approved in 1959, and the Ph.D. program in 1965. Students are of high quality and regularly receive awards. Graduates from all three programs are highly marketable and receive jobs in various industries, academia, and national laboratories — mostly in Texas, but also nationwide.

The comprehensive nature of Texas Tech University has fostered collaborative educational, research, and service programs between mechanical engineering and biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, mathematics, health, medicine, agriculture, etc. The Department takes pride in its internationally-known research programs in energetic materials, nano-materials, materials performance and root-cause failure characterization, residual stress analysis, biomechanics, micro- and nano-technology, fluid mechanics, wind turbine modeling, tornado simulation, energy, robotics, trans-disciplinary research, automotive, etc. The faulty are engaged with many centers of research excellence in the Whitacre College of Engineering and Texas Tech University.

A strong tradition of valuable service exists to the larger community. Among others, faculty are involved with trans-disciplinary research and education programs and have worked with Raytheon Corporation for many years. The seamless automotive technology program is working with community colleges and the Lubbock Independent School District to transform high school students with automotive backgrounds into mechanical engineers. Our faculty are editors of highly reputed journals, organize conferences, serve on professional technical committees, organize robotic competitions, etc.

Faculty, staff, and students work closely with Industry Advisory Board members and ME Academy members to continuously improve our program.

This Department supervises the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

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