Texas Tech University

Move-In Tips from Red Raider Parents

In one of our recent Pulse Polls, we asked parents and families how long they stayed after helping their students move in. 88% indicated that they left either the same day or the day after move-in.

Additionally, we asked that they share a piece of advice for incoming families. Below is a compiled list from those responses.

*All responses have been reviewed and condensed for this list

  1. Unpackage all new items before packing them in the car. This will help save space in the car and time unpacking.
  2. Make sure your student knows how to do their own laundry, as well as how to make a few basic dishes in the microwave.
  3. Enjoy the process! Don't worry about the crowds or moving in first. Enjoy the time with your student and let them lead the way.
  4. Don't set up your student's room completely. Help with the big stuff, but leave things for them to do once you leave. This will keep them busy.
  5. Make sure to bring a cooler with some extra waters and snacks. You will sweat and someone will become hangry.
  6. Remember this is an exciting and nervous time for your student- and for you. Keep conversation light and don't argue over the little things.
  7. Leave as soon as your student is settled and make your goodbyes brief. This will give them the chance to focus on meeting other students.
  8. Don't forget the siblings! Make sure to take their feelings into consideration, they may feel separation anxiety just like you.
  9. Take advantage of ordering supplies ahead of time from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon. You can pick these items up in Lubbock, saving room in the car.
  10. Make sure your student knows where they can get their first couple of meals after you leave.
  11. *from a student* When I was a first-year student, my parents stayed for an extra day or two and it made it harder to separate from them. I felt torn. Other students were getting to know each other and finding their "group", but my parents were still there and expected me to be with them.
  12. Bring your tools (screwdriver, Allen wrenches, rubber mallet). Think about purchasing a small toolkit for your student.
  13. Bring a dolly or cart/wagon, you can purchase one at Costco or Sam's. The blue duffel bags from IKEA are also very helpful.
  14. Encourage your student to attend Raider Welcome events. They will be able to meet new people.