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First-Year Student Questions?

Welcome to Texas Tech University!

We understand college can be confusing and the last thing you need to worry about is food! Hospitality Services makes it easy for you to eat when you want, where you want all over campus. To help, the following is a list of questions you may have regarding your Dining Plan, Dining Bucks, and Dining on Campus.

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When do I pick a Dining Plan?

When you apply online for your Texas Tech University Student Housing, you must select a dining plan.

Which plan should I get?

Here is an estimated breakdown of the dining plan levels:

    • Biggest eaters with lots of on-campus snacking
    • 'Middle-of-the-road' eaters, almost all meals with snacking
    • Lightest of eaters; miss meals due to off-campus job or specialized dietary needs

How do Dining Bucks work?

Each time you purchase food with your dining plan, it deducts Dining Bucks from your balance right through your student University ID card. When you use your dining plan, you receive a discount at all Hospitality Services locations. Discount levels vary by location.

Where is my Dining Plan?

Your dining plan is on your University ID Card.

How do I access or know my Dining Bucks balance?

When you purchase food from any Hospitality Services location your balance will pop-up on the register. You can also access your balance online with your eRaider info at transactcampus.com.

Do I have to have a Dining Plan?

As an on campus resident, students are required to have a dining plan and will receive all the benefits of dining on campus.

What if my plan isn't right for me?

Dining plans can be changed through the 20th class day of each semester. Dining Bucks can be added at any time during the fall or spring semester.

What if I run out of Dining Bucks?

You can add Dining Bucks at any time during the fall or spring semester.

How are Dining Plans billed?

Your Dining Plan is billed 60% in the fall and 40% in the spring as part of your combined Housing and Hospitality Services contract but your Dining Bucks are split 50% in the fall and 50% in the spring.

Do Dining Bucks rollover?

100% of unused Dining Bucks will roll over if signing another Living and Dining contract. If moving off campus, Dining Bucks will automatically rollover 70% of the unused balance at the end of the Spring semester to a Commuter Dining Plan. The Commuter Dining Plan is a great way for off-campus students to take advantage of all the great Hospitality Services dining facilities on campus by receiving a 15% discount on food purchases. This plan is available to use as long as a student is enrolled at Texas Tech University.

Where can I eat?

You can use your Dining Bucks at any Hospitality Services location on campus.

Where is the best value on campus?

Students get the most bang for their Dining Bucks by eating at The Fresh Plate at Wall/Gates all-you-care-to-eat or The Market at Stangel/Murdough where they receive a 50% discount (25% discount at Fazolis, Day Break Coffee Roasters, and The Corner Market Retail).

What if I have special diet needs?

Contact our on-staff dietitian at 806.742.1360 for assistance in locating meals to accommodate your special diet needs.

What if I have questions later?

You can contact Hospitality Services directly at 806.742.1360, or email hospitality@ttu.edu for more info.