Texas Tech University

Welcome to Smart Choices!

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What is "Smart Choices?"

The Smart Choices wellness program is designed to support the Texas Tech campus in its efforts to maintain healthy dining choices and to enhance the college experience. Hospitality Services is working hard to make healthy eating easier for everyone on campus. Aside from providing healthier alternatives and labeling Grab-n-go choices with the new Smart Choices sticker, we provide campus with educational information covering a wide variety of nutrition-related topics.

Through the Smart Choices website you can find nutrition facts for all Hospitality Services locations on campus, as well as tips, tools, and nutrition calculators to support your dining needs and much more!

Look for the Smart Choices Label!

All over campus, students have access to healthy choices and snacks to complement their balanced lifestyles. The Smart Choices Program works to provide healthier alternatives to everyday food choices, and provide students with necessary information to make smarter, healthier choices on-campus. Look for the Smart Choices label all across campus to identify healthy options that are lower in fat and packed with nutrients.

Smart Choices | "Healthy on Campus"