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Our team of interns, students, and registered dietitian share information that can or may be helpful during your journey. We share tips from science-based information and not based on personal opinions nor testimonials for diets, etc. We hope you find the facts that we present in one of the past 300 articles interesting. We also realize as dietitians and future dietitians that not all will agree with our findings. We hope is that people interested in health and wellness/nutrition will find something to support their journey. Individuals are incredibly diverse, and a wide range of topics may help someone somewhere. 

Wellness Wednesday Blog

Handy Resources to Keep You on the Path to Making "Smart Choices"

Whether you are just looking for more information about healthy living in general or you want to calculate your BMI, the links below feature tips, tools, and calculators to help you start living a healthier lifestyle today!

Planning a healthy diet can be difficult when you don't know where to look to find healthy foods on campus. Click on the link below to find a two-week menu of healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners all over TTU campus. To make each day complete, be sure to add 2-4 snacks high in fiber and protein, depending on your activity level and goals!

Healthy Eating at Texas Tech!

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