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23 at Sneed
- Sneed Hall -

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23 at Sneed revolutionizes retail eating for Texas Tech's Red Raiders, offering a fusion of diverse culinary options. This new dining venue caters to the eastern side of campus, providing a rotating mix of homestyle dishes, grilled items, fresh salads, and international cuisine.

Incorporating the rich legacy of campus food service, 23 at Sneed pays homage to the university's history while embracing modernity. Sneed Hall, an iconic structure built in 1938, stands as a testament to Texas Tech's enduring presence. Each concept within 23 is named after the theme lines that once defined traditional dining halls across campus, thus continuing the captivating narrative of Hospitality Services.

23 at Sneed embodies the spirit of our university's past, infusing it with the vibrancy of the present. Its innovative approach to culinary experiences is sure to capture the hearts of Red Raiders for generations to come, ensuring a cherished place in our university's history for the next century. 23 at Sneed accepts Dining Bucks, Transact Mobile Ordering, checks, and credit cards.

Traditional Dining Hall Theme Lines 

·       Breakfast Court from Wiggins (Breakfast favorites)

·       La Trattoria from Stangel/Murdough (Italian fare) 

·       Chicken ‘N Such from Hulen/Clement (Chicken sandwich, wraps, & more)

·       Light & Easy Salads from Wall/Gates (Fresh salads)

·       El Comedor from Wells/Carpenter/Gaston (Mexican cuisine)

·       Ranch Lander Grill from Bledsoe/Gordon/Sneed (Burgers & grilled choices)

·       Broadway Café from the University Center (Homestyle & International)

* Traditional Dining Plans receive a 25% discount at 23 at Sneed
** Scarlet, Commuter, and F/S Dining Plans receive a 15% discount at 23 at Sneed
*** This is a cashless location. Hours & availability subject to change