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Transact New Mobile Ordering

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Check out the NEW Mobile Food Ordering app for Hospitality Services!

Hospitality Services has rolled out a NEW mobile food ordering app for the Texas Tech campus and it is available at locations now! Students are able to use the Transact Mobile Ordering App to order food for pickup with an on-campus Dining Plan from Hospitality Services. All on-campus Dining Plans will work exactly as they normally do with the same Dining Plan discounts and no fee for placing an order through the app! The Grub Hub mobile ordering app is no longer accepted in Hospitality Services dining locations.

Check out the video on how to download Transact Mobile Ordering App! When placing your first order, be sure to select your correct on-campus Dining Plan at checkout!

Order for pick up and reserve

Introducing Transact

Canceled Transact Ordered?

Have another person pick up a Transact Mobile Order

We encourage Red Raiders to pick up their own orders in person but we understand there are times when this cannot be done. If you submitted a Transact Mobile Order and you need someone else to pick it up, please use the following steps:

1. Have a screenshot of the current order QR Code and receipt.
2. At the designated pick up location, identify that you are picking up an order for someone else.
3. Scan* QR Code and collect the order.
* if QR Code does not scan, please confirm the name on the order and order number.

Helpful Tips

  • iPhone > iPhone (phone must be on the most current IOS)
  • Android > iPhone (no problem!)
  • iPhone > Android (image may not be readable)