Texas Tech University


Tyler Davis - Director of CAPROCK LAB


Assistant Professor - Department of Psychological Sciences 

Tyler Davis is an expert on computational neuroimaging approaches to learning and memory. He is interested in  projects examining how the brain uses different types of representational information to make decisions, and how these representations are shaped by learning. Current projects are aimed at translating neuroimaging results to help decision making in areas related to nutrition and human-environment interactions.

Email: tyler<dot>h<dot>davis<at>ttu<dot>edu



Graduate Students

Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley is working on projects about how to model the information people use in metacognitive judgments

Sean O'Bryan

Sean O'Bryan is working on projects related to learned selective attention in multi-cue learning

Dmitrii Paniukov

Dmitrii Paniukov is working on projects about how memory systems interact with each other in category learning

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Amie Faal
  • Savana Gierstorfer
  • Charish Hinson
  • Camisha Kibble
  • Ani Mangold
  • Kimberly Morris
  • Geneva Sparks
  • Allene West