Texas Tech University

Research Posters

Year Title Authors
2019 ¿Chisme o realidad?: A qualitative analysis of how sexually active Latinx emerging adults acquire and perceive sexual health information Matthew J. Sharkey, Joseph M. Currin, Brandy Piña-Watson, Amelia E. Evans, & Crystal Chambers
2019 Assessment Utility of Intraindividual Network Analysis in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Kaley A. Roberts, Sarah Jo David, Casey Thornton, & Gregory H. Mumma
2019 Association of Intergenerational Enculturation Discrepancies, Familial Conflict, and Depressive Symptoms among Latinx College Students Gabriela Manzo, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2019 Development and Validation of the Latinx Respeto Values and Behaviors Scales: Extending and Disentangling the Construct Daisy Aceves, Amber Lopez, Ashley Neduvelil, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2019 Dictionaries and Decision Trees for the 2019 CLPsych Shared Task Micah Iserman, Taleen Nalabandian, & Molly E. Ireland
2019 Effects of Prototypicality on Evaluations of Warmth of Attractive Group Members Olivia R. Kuljian, Stephanie M. Byers, Stephanie S. Souter, Benjamin P. Skillman, & Amber M. Gaffney
2019 Family Influence as it Relates to College Persistence of Latinx College Students: An Examination of Major Satisfaction as a Mediator Amber Lopez, Iliana Gonzalez, Brandy Piña-Watson, & Shin Ye Kim
2019 Father-Daughter Relationships Among Latina Teens Whom Attempted Suicide: A Dyadic Analysis Gisel Suarez Bonilla, Gabriela Manzo, & Brandy Piña-Watson, Jaimie O'Gara, & Lauren E. Gulbas
2019 Increased Inter-Network Connectivity in the Triple Networks After Short-Term Mindfulness Meditation Training Yang, Winson Fu Zun & Tang, Yi-Yuan
2019 Is Self-Uncertainty Associated with Established Affective and Emotional States? Joshua Kurtis Brown & Zachary P. Hohman
2019 Latinx Acculturation and Alcohol Use: Within and Out Group Marginalization Processes as Moderators Aundrea Garcia, Cynthia Perez, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2019 Latinx College Persistence and Major Satisfaction: Examining Psychological Functioning as a Mediator in Minority Status Stress and Academic Outcomes Relationships Gabriela Manzo, Abryl Olivas, Brandy Piña-Watson, & Shin Ye Kim
2019 Mexican Descent Adolescent & Emerging Adult Alcohol Use Issues and Life Satisfaction: Ethnic Identity Affirmation as a Form of Resilience in the Face of Discrimination Maria R. Sanchez, Abryl Olivas, Iliana M. Gonzalez, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2019 Navigating the Dissonance between Cultural Messages and Actual Sexual Behaviors of Latina College Students Gabriela Manzo, Brittney Golden, Brandy Piña-Watson, Joseph M. Currin, Aundrea L. Garcia, & Gisel Suarez Bonilla
2019 People's Love Attitudes Toward Their Pets Michelle F. Guthrie & Philip H. Marshall
2019 Species Reintroduction and the Role of Trust in Disease Risk Perception Tyler Davis, Molly Ireland, Micah Goldwater, Nicholas Gaylord, Brian Glass, & Darrell Worthy
2018 A Person-Centered Approach to Investigate Relations Among Substance User Profiles and Impulsivity Molin Shi & Andrew K. Littlefield
2018 Attachment Style Relates To Self-Rated Health Antonio F. Pagan, Matthew R. Cribbet, Holly Rau, Paula G. Williams
2018 Attentional Deployment to Space and Features: Separate and Together Guangsheng Liang & Miranda Scolari
2018 Belongingness as a Mechanism for the Linguistic Correlates of Depression Taleen Nalabandian & Molly E. Ireland
2018 Bicultural Stress and Latinx Emerging Adult Mental Health: Ethnic Identity Development and Affirmation as Potential Protective Processes Iliana Gonzalez & Abigail Cruz
2018 Bicultural Stress on Suicidal Ideation and Alcohol Use for Mexican Descent Adolescents and Emerging Adults: Examining Coping Styles Paige Gonzalez, Cynthia Perez, Ashley J. Martinez, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 Cannabis and Schizotypy: Revisiting an Old Problem Brittany E. Blanchard, Angela K. Stevens, & Andrew K. Littlefield
2018 Coping with Discrimination and Subsequent Suicide Risk for Latinx Emerging Adults: Is it Sometimes Better to Just Walk Away? Esteisy Escalera, Daisy Aceves, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 Coping with Multiple Stressors: Examining Caregiver Conflict and Discrimination among Latina/o Emerging Adults Ariana Rivero, Iliana Gonzalez, Abigail Cruz, Karen Urbano, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 Efficacy of a Internet Efficacy of a Internet -Based Mindfulness Intervention for Work Based Mindfulness Intervention for Work Based Mindfulness Intervention for Work Based Mindfulness Intervention for Work Based Mindfulness Intervention for Work-Family-School-Conflict Jacob Daheim, Shin Ye Kim, Hannah Sue, Anamaria Rodriguez, Adriana Loya, Molly Propst, Ashley Briseno, Grace Morgan, Kalkidan Assibe, & Ashley Neduvelil
2018 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public School Rehabilitation Programs Following an Adolescent's Criminal Offense Jay M. McAndrew, Kelsey A. Maloney, & Adam T. Schmidt
2018 Examining the Association between Guilt and Suicide Risk for Latinx Emerging Adults: Resilience through Self-Compassion Gabriela Manzo, Iliana M. Gonzalez, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 Examining the Relations between Hopelessness, Thwarted Interpersonal Needs, and Death Ideation among Older Adults: Does Meaning in Life Matter? Victoria L. Beach, Sarah L. Brown, Nicole E. Seymour, Nikki La Rosa, Maxine Hernandez, & Kelly C. Cukrowicz
2018 How Gay and Bisexual Men Compensate for the Lack of Meaningful Sex Education Joseph M. Currin, Randolph D. Hubach, Andre R. Durham, Katherine E. Kavanaugh, Zachary Vineyard, & Julie M. Croff
2018 Intragroup Marginalization as a Moderator in the Relationship between Linguistic Acculturation and Depressive Symptoms for Mexican Descent Emerging Adults Mercedez M. Fuentes, Linda V. Loredo, Gabriela Manzo, Matthew Sharkey, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 Linguistic Measures of Genre-Typicality Differentiate Between Critics' and Audiences' Ratings of Movie Scripts Taleen Nalabandian, Micah Iserman, & Molly E. Ireland
2018 Mild vs. Serious Juvenile Offenders: A Comparison of Mental Health Screening Reports and Other Factors Related to Youth Recidivism Georgia J. Rosenbrock, Kelsey A. Maloney, & Adam T. Schmidt
2018 The Development and Validation of the Familismo Value-Based Behavior Scale: An Attempt to Extend and Disentangle the Current State of Familismo Value Research Ashley Neduvelil, Mandrila Das, Abigail Cruz, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2018 The Exploration of Within-Person Variability Across 12 Personality State Aspects Andrew B. Blake & Ryne A. Sherman
2018 The MMPI-2-RF over-reporting scales in clinical practice: A meta-analysis of criterion-based classification Paul B. Ingram, Thomas J. Parkman, Baron Staggs, & Michael Ternes
2018 The Moderating Role of Pessimism in the Relation between Peer Victimization, Interpersonal Needs, and Suicide Ideation Nikki L. La Rosa, Sarah L. Brown, Nicole E. Seymour, Michael McClay, Sean M. Mitchell, Paige Seegan, Michael Sustaíta, & Kelly C. Cukrowicz
2018 Training Trends in the Interpretation of the MMPI-2/MMPI-2-RF/MMPI-A/and MMPI-A-RF Paul B. Ingram, Matthew Cribbet, & Adam T. Schmidt
2018 Utility of PAI in assessing PTSD for a group of treatment seeking combat veterans Paul B. Ingram, Jim D. Sharpnack, & Noah J. Mosier
2018 When Men are the Minority: The Experience of Male Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students Jacob Daheim, Molly Propst, Ashley Briseno, Mercedes Santana, & Shin Ye Kim
2017 A Network Conceptualization of the Multiple Facets of Distress Tolerance Emma K. Evanovich, Andrew J. Marshall, & Gregory H. Mumma
2017 Academic Outcomes of Traditional Gender Role Beliefs for Mexican American Adolescents Ashley Martinez, Brandy Piña-Watson, & Marianel Dornhecker
2017 Chronic Pain Comorbidity Patterns and the Roles of Health Care Visits and Social Support: A Profile Approach Shin Ye Kim, Jaehoon Lee, Ravi Prasad, & Dianna Boone
2017 Ethnic Identity as a Catalyst for Mexican Descent Adolescents' Mental Health and Academics Lauren Cruz, Brandy Piña-Watson, Ashley J. Martinez, & Belém Lopez
2017 Ethnic Identity, Life Satisfaction, and Depression for Mexican Descent Adolescents: Self-Esteem as a Mediating Mechanism Mandrila Das, Estephania Yanez, Brandy Piña-Watson, Lourdes Modella, & Carla Camacho
2017 Examining Immediate Effects of Daily Mindfulness and Muscle Relaxation Exercises on Muscle Tension in Adults with Anxiety Sarah Jo David, Andrew J. Marshall, Emma K. Evanovich, & Gregory H. Mumma
2017 Family Conflict & Latina/o Youth Depressive Symptoms, Hopelessness, Suicidality, & Life Satisfaction: An Examination of Gender Role Values Abigail Cruz, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2017 Framework for Developing a Brief Interview to Understand Cyber Defense Work: An Experience Report Miriam E. Armstrong, Keith S. Jones, & Akbar Siami Namin
2017 I Forget My Diet When See Cake: Working Memory, Self-Control, & Goal Activation Mindi Price, & Jessica L. Alquist
2017 Intraindividual Network Analysis: Using Centrality Indices for Personalized Treatment Planning Sarah Jo David, Andrew J. Marshall, Emma K. Evanovich, Noelle Cavalier, & Gregory H. Mumma
2017 Intraindividual Network Analysis: Using Centrality Indices for Personalized Treatment Planning Sarah Jo David, Andrew J. Marshall, Emma K. Evanovich, Noelle Cavalier, & Gregory H. Mumma
2017 Language Style Matching in Responses to Social Media-Style Posts as a Function of Subclinical Depression and Anxiety Taleen Nalabandian, Micah Iserman, & Molly E. Ireland
2017 Latina/o College Student Alcohol Use and Academic Performance: Cultural Coping Resiliency Against Discrimination Kassidy Cox, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2017 Latina/o College Student Discrimination: Examining Coping as Moderators In Relation to Alcohol Use Ashley Neduvelil, Brandy Piña-Watson, & Kassidy Cox
2017 Mexican Descent Adolescent Suicidality, Depression, Hopelessness, & Life Satisfaction : The Role of Gender & Caregiver Connection Estephania Yanez, & Brandy Piña-Watson
2017 Ovulating Women Primed with Aggression Prefer Less Masculine Men Than Non-Ovulating Women Ashalee C. Hurst, & Jessica L. Alquist
2017 Power and Achievement Language in Written Evaluations Reveals Gender Role Biases in Hiring Decisions Ashley Garcia, Lindsay Greenlee, & Molly E. Ireland
2017 Predicting Competency Restoration Outcomes for Defendants With Intellectual Disability Karen E. Grabowski, & Robert D. Morgan
2017 Suicidal Ideation and Attempts Across Ethnicity, Gender, and Development: A Longitudinal Examination of Relational and Individual Factors Ashley J. Martinez, Brandy Piña-Watson, & Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo
2017 The Great Laptop Debate: Laptop Use in University Classrooms and Grades Mindi Price, Jessica L. Alquist, & Ashalee M. Hurst
2017 The Moderating Effect of Gender on the Impulsivity-Depressant Use Relation Brittany E. Blanchard, Andrew K. Littlefield, Angela K. Stevens, Amelia E. Talley, & Jennifer L. Brown
2017 The Relation between Disclosure and Suicide Ideation among LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ BDSM Practitioners: The Role of Thwarted Interpersonal Needs Nicole E. Seymour, Sarah L. Brown, Jared F. Roush, Sean Mitchell, & Kelly C. Cukrowicz
2017 The Sex of a Screenwriter: An Examination of Language Patterns and Ratings of Films Taleen Nalabandian, Micah Iserman, & Molly E. Ireland
2016 Acculturative Stress as a Moderator of the Influence of Peers on Alcohol Risk Behaviors among Hispanic College Students M. Shi, Andrew K. Littlefield, Amanda K. Stevens, Brittany E. Blanchard, Amelia E. Talley, Jennifer L. Brown, & I. S. Acosta
2016 Can Stroboscopic Training Improve Time-to-Collision Judgements of Approaching Objects? Adam M. Braly, & Patricia R. DeLucia
2016 Driver Vigilance in Automated Vehicles: Investigating Hazard Detection Performance Eric T. Greenlee, Patricia R. DeLucia, & David C. Newton
2016 Examining the Impact of Distress Tolerance on Depression and Anxiety Emma K. Evanovich, Andrew J. Marshall, & Gregory H. Mumma
2016 Inferring Causality Using a Netwrod Analysis Approach Emma K. Evanovich, Sarah Jo David, Andrew J. Marshall, & Gregory H. Mumma
2016 Role of the Frontal Polar Cortex in Category Learning: Rule Integration or Switching? Dmitrii Paniukov, & Tyler Davis
2016 Self-Regulation is Linked to Decreased Comorbid Depression and Alcohol Problems in Adult Children of Alcoholics Samantha J. Calhoun, & Andrew K. Littlefield
2016 The Five Facets of Mindfulness in Relation to Distress Tolerance William G. Matthews, Madison M. Mitrione, Lauren N. Tidman, Andrew J. Marshall, Emma K. Evanovish, Sarah Jo David, & Gregory H. Mumma
2016 Thinking (or Not) and Drinking: Need for Cognition and Alcohol Use Brittany E. Blanchard, Andrew K. Littlefield, & Angela K. Stevens