Texas Tech University

Philip Marshall, Ph.D.

Experimental (Cognitive)

B.A., 1967, University of Rhode Island
M.A., 1970, University of Rhode Island
Ph.D., 1972, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Phone: (806) 834-8361
Fax: (806) 742-0818
Office: 315, Lab: 454, 455
Email: philip.marshall@ttu.edu

Research Interests

My current research interests span two distinct areas. The first is human-animal interaction. This includes basic phenomena of how and under what circumstances we bond with our pets or companion animals, and more specifically, what is the nature of cognitive processing of pet-related information. The second area is the study of the psychology of art, and what cognitive processing is involved in the creation, and appreciation of art.

Previously, I published widely in the areas of human motor performance, and in the broad area of human learning and memory.

Selected Research

  • Marshall, P. H., Ireland, M. E., & Dalton, A. A. (2015) Earliest memories of pets predict adult attitudes: phenomenological, structural, and textual analyses. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 1, 28-51.
  • Yarwood, M., Marshall, P.H., Hendrick, S., Hendrick, C., & Logue, E.M. (under review). Human love styles predict attitudes towards pets.
  • Williamson, E.M, & Marshall, P.H. (2014). Effects of osteoarthritis on accuracy of continuous tracking leg movements. Perceptual & Motor Skills: Motor Skills & Ergonomics, 118, 162-182.
  • Williamson, E. M., & Marshall, P. H. (2012). Effects of age and task characteristics on continuous motor tracking performance. Experimental aging research, 38(4), 442-457.
  • Williamson, E.M., & Marshall, P.H. (2009) Motor control of the knee as a function of age and range of motion. Experimental Aging Research, 35, 457-468.
  • Logue, E.M., Guthrie, M.F., Marshall, P.H., Hendrick, S.S., & Hendrick, C. (2011). Partners and pets: Romantic relationships and companion animal attitudes. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society, Washington, D.C., May, 2011.

Psychological Sciences

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    Texas Tech University, Department of Psychological Sciences, Box 42051 Lubbock, TX 79409-2051