Texas Tech University


April 2019

  • PRYDe Lab is awarded a grant from the American Psychology and Law Society to study epigenetic markers of risk and resilience within justice-involved youth. This project will collect epigenetic data along with neuropsychological test data and psychopathology symptoms from 100 youth involved in the juvenile justice system. We hope to better understand how experiences such as child maltreatment and neglect may contribute to aggressive behavior and delinquency by modifying epigenetic mechanisms.
  • Six PRYDe undergraduates present at the TTU Undergraduate Research Conference. Great work, Briseyda, Deborah, Kaylee, Leigha, Liz, and Victoria!

March 2019

  • Kelsey Maloney is awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the TTU Graduate School for her dissertation project, "Neuropsychological Assessment and Comorbidities within Justice-Involved Youth."
  • Becca Bergquist received an Outstanding Student Poster Award from the American Psychology and Law Society for her project, "Examining Deprivation and Threat Dimensions of Trauma Exposure with Recidivism Outcomes and Risk Among Justice-Involved Youth."
  • Chelsy Simmons successfully defends her Master's thesis entitled, "Executive Function, Intent to Exercise, and Consideration of Future Consequences: A Mediation Model."
  • Amber Benet is awarded the Covenant Health and Social Services Graduate Fellowship.

February 2019

  • PRYDe Lab students match for their clinical psychology internship. Congratulations to LeRoi, Jenny, and Allie! LeRoi and Jenny are heading to California (Monterey County Behavioral Health and the University of California Davis Medical Center) and Allie matched at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas.

October 2018

  • Jenny Chong is awarded a Graduate student Research Award from the TTU Graduate School.

July 2018

  • PRYDe Lab receives a grant to examine behavioral adjustment, risk, and resilience among preschoolers attending Head Start. This project will help us understand how parental risk and protective factors influence cognitive, pre-academic, and behavioral development within children attending Head Start. We will also examine if classroom management practices improve behavioral adjustment inside and outside of school.

May 2018

  • Kelsey Maloney is accepted into the TEACH Fellowship, a year-long intensive program focused on excellent teaching at the collegiate level.

April 2018

  • LeRoi Hill receives the Major General Vincent Luchsinger Scholarship.

March 2018

  • Three PRYDe undergraduates present at the TTU Undergraduate Research Conference. Great work, Georgina, Jay, and Leigha!