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Each year, the Fulbright Program awards approximately 1,200 U.S. scholars awards, in addition to several hundred teachers and professionals.  

On this page, you will find information for faculty seeking to apply for a Fulbright Scholar award as well as general guidelines for internal procedures and incentives at TTU. 

Additional information and guidelines for TTU faculty who wish to apply for a Fulbright award can be also found under the Office of International Affairs Texas Tech University Fulbright Information webpage.

Applying for a Fulbright Award

TTU faculty at all ranks (e.g., assistant, associate, full professor) across disciplines are eligible and encouraged to apply for a Fulbright award.

For detailed information on available awards per country/region visit the Fulbright U.S. Catalog of Awards.

Applications are submitted by the applicant directly through the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)-Fulbright Website.

All prospective applicants need to register to create an account to submit the application documents at https://apply.iie.org/apply/?sr=e5b13eb7-a88b-4068-bcbe-9f5390cbca03

Applicants are strongly encouraged to create the account and start populating information in the application site at least 3 months before they submit the application so that they can get familiarized and organized with all documentation they need to submit which could be time consuming. Detailed instructions about how to submit your Fulbright application can be accessed at https://test-fulbright-d8.pantheonsite.io/sites/default/files/documents/us-scholar-iea-application-instructions-2020.pdf


The Fulbright program competition opens in February every year and the applications are due on September 15th. Visit the Fulbright website for additional information.

Required Application Materials 

  1. Project Statement (max 5 pages)
  2. CV/Resume (max 6 pages; max 8 pages for Distinguished Scholar awards)
  3. Letters of Recommendation: 2 letters
  4. Short Essays: four essay questions; see https://cies.org/us-scholar-short-essays
  5. Bibliography. Required for Research and Teaching/Research awards (max 3 pages)
  6. Syllabi/course outlines. Required for Teaching and Teaching/Research awards only (max 10 pages)
  7. Letter of Invitation from host institution
  8. Language proficiency; if required or recommended by award description
  9. Digital Portfolio. For applicants in the creative/performing arts and journalism (max 10 images, 15 pages in length and/ or 30 minutes of audiovisual files) 

Visit this page to access Fulbright eligibility and application checklist.

Developmental Leave 

This award requires a faculty development leave (FDL). An expedited FDL procedure will be used when faculty receive one of the targeted external awards that is recognized by AAU/CMUP/THECB and is supported by internal incentives. This procedure is described here.

TTU Internal Procedures for Prospective Applicants

All faculty planning to apply for a Fulbright Scholar should reach out to their Department Chairs and/or College Deans before submitting their application to inform them about their intentions to apply for a Fulbright award and their prospective timeline for completing the project. 

Please note that if a faculty or administrator receives a Fulbright award several arrangements need to be made and resources need to be allocated in advance to cover for the grantee absence, and thus, is important to inform your department/college about your application plans ahead of time. 

Prospective applicants also need to notify Dr. Stephanie J. Jones, Faculty Fellow in the Office of Research & Innovation and Dr. Rob Stewart, Senior Vice Provost about their intentions to apply for a Fulbright award. 

TTU Resources for Prospective Applicants

TTU-Fulbright Scholar Liaisons at the Office of International Affairs (OIA) are available to provide faculty with detailed information about the different Fulbright programs, application process and guidelines. They can also help faculty develop an application plan, provide guidance on the development of the proposal and identify a potential TTU-Fulbright Alumni mentor.

Faculty across colleges and departments are encouraged to schedule an appointment with TTU-Fulbright Liaisons to discuss their research interests, timeline for submitting a Fulbright Scholar application, Fulbright programs that may fit their interests and career needs, and countries of interest as well as other topics and questions. You can contact them at:

Dr. Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Human Development & Family Sciences; Email: elizabeth.trejos@ttu.edu

Dr. Jorge Salazar-Bravo, Director, International Center for Arid and Semiarid Land Studies (ICASALS); Email: j.salazar-bravo@ttu.edu

A list of Frequently Asked Questions about Fulbright applications can be found here. 

Awarded Funds

A Fulbright Award is paid directly to the faculty member and does not go through TTU.

TTU Incentives for Prospective Applicants

The Offices of the Provost and Research & Innovation provide incentives and recognition for Fulbright awardees as part of the TTU Targeted External Awards Incentives Program; see detailed information here.

Institutional Review Board

Relevant IRB approval must be obtained from the applicant's home institution before research can be started.

Resources for Applying

The following faculty are prior Fulbright Core Scholars and are happy to answer questions from faculty who are interested in applying for a Fulbright award.

Natalia Velikova (Georgia, 2016-2017)

Paul Bjerk (Tanzania, 2015-2016)

John Gilliam (Czech Republic, 2018-2019)

Ron Milam (Vietnam, 2011-2012)

John Poch (Spain, 2013-2014)

Kent Wilkinson (Chile, 2015-2016)

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