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As a top-tier research university, deeply committed to the communities it serves, Texas Tech University encourages and supports participation by faculty and staff/administrators, professionals, artists, and scientists in Fulbright activities of research, teaching, and creative scholarship.

Over the last several years, Texas Tech University has increased participation in Fulbright efforts as a direct reflection of its research, teaching and service excellence in many fields. Texas Tech University embraces the goals and spirit of the Fulbright commission as they support the mission and vision of internationalization of the University and worldwide cultural and knowledge exchange.

In the recent past, TTU Fulbrighters have conducted research, teaching and creative scholarship across numerous fields including but not limited to Agriculture, Anthropology, Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Ecology and Conservation, Human Development & Family Sciences, Education, English, History, Journalism and Political Science, to name only a few (see below).

Please find the Fulbright Alumni Form here.

TTU Fulbright Scholars Alumni

Name Department Dates of Award(s) Type of Award Country
Ali Nejat Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering 2019-2020 Scholar Azerbaijan
Aliza Wong Honors College 1999-2000; 2005-2006 Student; Scholar Italy; Italy
Arthur Durband Anthropology 2013-2014 Scholar Australia
Archie Pitsilides Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration 2012 Admin Seminar Germany
Calvin Barnes Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry 1990-1991 Scholar Norway
Chuck West Plant and Soil Science 2004-2005 Scholar France
Conrad Lyford Agricultural and Applied Economics 2014-2015 Scholar Ethiopia
Costica Bradatan Honors College 2016-2017; 2018-2019 Scholar; Specialist France; China
David Lektzian Political Science 2013-2014 Scholar Lithuania
Dominick Casadonte Chemistry 1999-2000 Scholar France
Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo Human Development and Family Sciences 1994-1996; 2017-2018 Student; Scholar Costa Rica; Brazil
Gary Elbow Geography 1982-1983; 1991-1992 Scholar Costa Rica; Ecuador
James Sheng Petroleum Engineering 2020-2021 Scholar Canada
James Yang Mechanical Engineering 2017-2018 Scholar Spain
Joan Goodman-Williamson Office of International Affairs 2018 Admin Seminar India
John Barkdull Political Science 2003; 2004 Teaching Fellow; Scholar-Hays Bangladesh; Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia
John Gilliam Personal Financial Planning 2018-2019 Scholar Czech Republic
John McDonald Howe History 1988-1989 Scholar Italy
John Poch English 2013-2014 Scholar Barcelona
Joseph Aranha Architecture 1999-2000; 2008-2009; 2011 Scholar; Specialist Zimbabwe; Ethiopia; India
Kent Rylander Biological Sciences 2000-2001 Scholar Mexico
Kent Wilkinson Journalism & Creative Media Industries 2015-2016 Scholar Chile
Mark Charney Theatre and Dance 2020-2021 Scholar Turkey
Michael Farmer Agricultural and Applied Economics 2017-2018 Scholar Malaysia
Naima Moustaid-Moussa Nutritional Sciences 2004-2005 Scholar France
Natalia Velikova Hospitality and Retail Management 2016-2017 Scholar Georgia
Nick Bowman Journalism & Creative Media Industries 2019-2020 Scholar Taiwan
Noel Zahler Visual & Performing Arts 1977 Scholar Italy
Nora Griffin-Shirley Special Education 2009-2010 Scholar India
Noureddine Abidi Plant and Soil Science 2015-2016 Scholar Belgium
Paul Paré Biochemistry 2006-2007; 2012-2013 Scholar Brazil; Brazil
Peter Briggs Curator of Art-Museum of Texas Tech University 2008-2009; 2015-2016; 2012-2017 Scholar; Specialist Lithuania; Slovakia
Ralph Ferguson TTU Ethics Center 2015 Specialist Vietnam
Ravindra Joshi Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018-2019 Scholar Slovenia
Rich Rice English 2013-2014 Scholar; Specialist India
Richard Porter Office of International Affairs 2008; 2018 Admin Seminar Korea; Taiwan
Roman Taraban Psychological Sciences 2009-2010 Scholar India
Ron Milam History 2011-2012 Scholar Vietnam
Sankar Chatterjee Geology and Geophysics 2014-2015 Scholar India
Sara Spurgeon English 2019-2020 Scholar Norway
Stephen Ekwaro-Osire Mechanical Engineering 2007-2008 Scholar Turkey
Sue Ann Lee Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences 2018-2019 Scholar Vietnam
Yuan Shu Department of English 2017-2018 Scholar Singapore

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