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On-Campus & Off-Campus Housing


If you are under 21 and have less than 30 hours of completed coursework, you are required to live on campus. If you are over 21 years of age or have at least 30 hours, you are eligible to live off-campus, though on-campus housing also provides housing options specifically for upperclassmen and graduate students. University Housing is a great place to discover if on-campus living is what you want or need!

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There are many off-campus living options, many within walking distance of campus, but there are certain things you need to consider and know about the American housing market. You need to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, and should be asking lots of questions before signing a lease. Once you've signed, that lease is binding and VERY hard to get out of. Be cautious, take your time, and your leasing experience will hopefully be a smooth one!

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Tips and Tricks for your Off-Campus Housing search:

  1.  Start your search EARLY (so you have options to work with)
  2.  Know your priorities before starting your search
    1. Ask yourself what you most care about: is it living with fellow grad students, having your own bathroom, the cost of the rent + utilities, proximity to campus, safety, etc.?
    2. Identify what are needs vs. wants
      1. What's a preference?
      2. What's a necessity?
  3.  Look at website photos and contact apartments about their current pricing, because rent prices can fluctuate daily. Many run specials ahead of fall move-in!
  4.  Utilize Texas Tech's Student Legal Services Office BEFORE SIGNING YOUR LEASE
      1. These lawyers will look over the lease with you so that you understand all you are agreeing to, and to ensure that what you are signing is in accordance with the law.
      2. The lawyer who you can email for this service is jeff.hays@ttu.edu.
  5.  ASK QUESTIONS* & DO NOT feel rushed or forced to sign a lease before you're ready
    1. *Suggested questions below
  6. Use TTU forums** to hear from current students about their experiences living in apartments you think you are interested in
    1. **See "Additional Resources" section
  7. Be on the lookout for scammers:
    1. Tips for avoiding housing scams on forums like Craigslist:
      1. Prioritize posts with photos over text-only posts
      2. Do a reverse image search on google to check if the pictures have been downloaded from the internet
      3. Google the address and make sure it exists
      4. Meet the landlord in person before doing any transactions
      5. Don't pay for anything in cash — you can cancel a transaction if you feel it's suspicious but you can't do the same with cash
      6. Better safe than sorry—call us (at the Office of International Affairs, 806-742-3667, or TTU's Student Legal Services, 806-742-3289) BEFORE you complete any financial transaction if you are concerned about making a payment or signing a lease!

Questions to Ask:

A property manager or landlord's job is to work alongside you throughout the term of your lease. Prior to signing the lease, you need to confirm that your future landlord or building manager will hold up their end of the bargain. Here are some questions to ask when considering a rental:

  • Questions to ask...
    • What space is my own and what spaces are shared with others?
    • What furniture items, if any, are included in the space?
    • What kitchen amenities (microwave, refrigerator, oven, stovetop, etc.) are included in the apartment?
    • What is the total square footage and room configuration?
    • Do you provide roommate-matching services?
    • Can I make specific requests about my roommates, like living only with others of my gender, educational level, age level, etc.?
    • Am I allowed to add roommates to my lease?
    • What are the available lease timeframes?
    • When is rent due and what form of payment is required?
    • What are the penalties for late rent?
    • What is the penalty for lease-breaking?
    • What is the policy regarding subleasing?
    • What utilities are included in my rent?
    • What are the average utility costs that are not included in monthly rent costs?
    • As an international student, what documents do you need from me at lease signing?
    • As an international student without US credit history, must I have a co-signer with US credit history?
    • Will I have walking access or bus access to campus?
    • How long is the average walk or bus ride to campus, and do I have to switch buses before arriving to campus? Do these buses run year-round as part of the city bus system, or are they a part of the TTU bus system, and thus only run when classes are in session?
    • Am I walking distance to a grocery store, Walmart, and/or pharmacy? If not, are there buses in close walking distance to the apartment that could take me to these destinations every day of the week?
    • What safety precautions does the complex take to ensure my safety within my apartment as well as on property?
    • Are there additional costs for vehicle parking for myself or friends who visit?
    • Is there on-site*** maintenance, security, and/or property managers?
      • ***this means they live on-property and would be available 24/7 for emergencies
    • Are there any safety or health concerns associated with the property (mold, lead paint, etc)?
    • Are there bike storage areas?
    • What is the refund policy for security deposits?
    • Is there a secure area for mail and inbound packages?
    • What types of customizations can I make to a property (paint, nails for hanging pictures, etc)? Which ones are prohibited?
    • What are the rules/restrictions surrounding temporary guests?
    • What pets are allowed on the property, and what are the rules surrounding their care while on property (for example, are dogs required to be on a leash)?
    • Can I guarantee that I live with roommates that DO NOT own pets?

Neighborhoods in Walking Distance to Campus:

The neighborhoods known as Tech Terrace (south of campus, from Indiana to University Ave and 19th to 34th streets) and Overton (east of campus, from University Ave to Ave. Q and 4th to 19th streets) have individual family homes that are popular with Texas Tech students due to their proximity to campus. These homes are likely not furnished, but many areas are walkable to campus. Tech Terrace also has a bus line that serves it.

Apartments in Walking Distance to Campus:

Disclaimer: This map, though not exhaustive nor an endorsement of any kind by Texas Tech University or the Office of International Affairs, acknowledges these apartments' proximity to the university and as a result their popularity with the Texas Tech student body. Many of these apartment buildings also exclusively serve college students* and are in walking distance to the campus.

    • *Many student apartments offer more than a typical apartment residence, and these additional perks could be things like roommate-matching services, furnishings, academic year leases, community programming, bus routes to campus, etc.

Student apartments served by bus (and may or may NOT be in walking distance to campus): https://citibus.com/maps-and-schedules/#ttu-route-schedule

Please note that apartments included in this list is not an endorsement by Texas Tech University or the Office of International Affairs.

Individual property owners have the responsibility for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for renters, and student renters should do their own, thorough research into each property in order to find the best housing option for their particular needs.

NOTE: Signing a contract or lease agreement is a binding legal document. Be sure you have selected the place you want to live and understand all the information in the document before you sign. SIGNING IS BINDING.

Additional Resources:

Walkscore.com: An invaluable tool that allows you to insert an address and find out how friendly the location is for walking, biking and/or using public transit to reach needed resources and locations, like the TTU campus. It evens allows you to look at a "travel time map" and see your accessibility by foot, car, or public transport within a given amount of time.


Off-campus students can use In My Area to find information and deals on utilities, including: Internet providers

Student Legal Services
• Email jeff.hays@ttu.edu-- he or other SLS lawyers can review your lease ahead of signing
• Phone: (806) 742-3289
• Location: Student Union Building, Room 307
• Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.

• Walk in appointments are not taken—appointments must be scheduled in advance


• Citibus provides on- and off-campus bus service in Lubbock under the direction and guidance of Texas Tech's Student Government Association.

On-campus service is free to anyone on the Texas Tech campus. Students may ride for FREE on any Citibus off-campus route by showing their Texas Tech ID card. For up-to-date schedules and maps,  visit http://www.citibus.com/texas-tech-route-schedules.php 
• DoubleMap Bus Tracking App: Citibus offers DoubleMap for live bus tracking. Download the app through the App Store or Google Play store. Search for "Citibus (Lubbock)" in the location selection after downloading.

*Note: Public transportation is not used widely, outside of the student population. Because of the vast area Lubbock covers, many people use cars to get around. Consider also exploring Lubbock via a car share service or by sharing rides with a friend or roommate. 

Roommate-Matching & Apartment Forums

Seeking a roommate or want to hear perspectives from current students? These forums could help you:
Roomsurf Roommate Matching site 
Livesomewhere.com's Roommate, Subleases & Apartment group 

TTU Parent's Off Campus housing forum


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