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International Scholar Services (ISSS) is located within the Office of International Affairs at the International Cultural Center. ISSS is the only office at Texas Tech University that provides immigration-related services to all international scholars, and it does so for over 400 international scholars and faculty (and their dependents), who teach, conduct research, and support the many academic pursuits that make Texas Tech University a great institution. Our goal is to assist and advise university staff, faculty, international scholars and their dependents, regarding U.S. immigration related issues and regulations as they pertain to their employment and stay at Texas Tech University.

We support and enhance Texas Tech's QEP: Communicating in a Global Society, Bear our Banners Fare & Wide. We also support these scholars in the integral role they play in helping Texas Tech achieve its goal of becoming a tier one research institution. We do this through the administrative support we provide to all academic/administrative units as well as individual faculty members directly or indirectly involved in collaborating with, hiring, or sponsorship of international scholars.

We facilitate Texas Tech's international scholars' ability to concentrate on their substantive interest in teaching, research, and service, by ensuring compliance with all federal laws, rules, and regulation permitting the employment of foreign nationals.

Our areas of immigration support include:

  • J-1 Exchange Visitors
  • H-1B Workers
  • Paying non-immigrant visitors other than J-1 and H-1B
  • Questions and support for other non-immigrant visa categories such as TN (Canadian and Mexican Nationals), and O-1.
  • Providing guidance for the campus regarding the employment of/ payment to non-immigrant visitors that are not in the US on TTU non-immigrant documents (those on visitor visas, visa waivers, and all other non-immigrants visas, often associated with other institutions).

EXPORT CONTROL SCREENING--It is important to remember that ALL visitors (non-immigrants) to TTU, including potential and new international hires, must first be screened for Export Control compliance, regardless of visa type.  Visit our Export Control website to read more on this subject and request EC compliance screening.  

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