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STEM OPT Extension


Applying for STEM OPT


When to apply for STEM OPT: To be eligible for STEM OPT, you must currently be on OPT. If you are still in your program, you must first apply for OPT and then you will later be eligible for STEM OPT


What is Optional Practical Training (OPT)?

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is used by students to gain work experience in their field of study after completing a degree program. STEM OPT is an extension.

What is STEM Optional Practical Training (STEM OPT)?

STEM OPT is OPT for students studying in majors related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). It is an extension of the first 12 months of OPT that is only available for STEM students.

How long can I do OPT and STEM OPT?

Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) regulations allow up to 12 months of OPT at each degree level for a student in F-1 status. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) students are eligible for an extension of 24 months of OPT (a total of 36 months).

When can I apply for STEM OPT and How?

You must first apply for OPT and be approved before you can apply for STEM OPT. An application for STEM OPT can be filed up to 90 days prior to the completion of a student's first 12 months of OPT but no later than the end date listed on the initial OPT card (the Employment Authorization Document). After the OPT/EAD card end date, students are no longer eligible to apply for the STEM OPT extension. 

How long does the STEM OPT application process take?

It may take the government agency (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS) a long time to process a  STEM OPT application. Your International Student Counselor may be able to provide a current estimate of processing times. However, processing times are unpredictable so it is always best to apply early! The ISSS office is not responsible for the length of time required to process your STEM OPT application. Do not wait until near the end of your current OPT/EAD card expiration date! Again, you are not eligible to apply for STEM OPT after the end of your initial 12 months of OPT.

Step 1: Learn about STEM OPT (watch the STEM Optional Practical Training video by clicking on the button below in black and white)

Watch the Presentation!

STEM OPT Presentation

Step 2: Apply for STEM OPT

Once you have watched this STEM OPT Presentation linked above and are ready to begin applying for the STEM OPT extension. You will need to submit the following documents to your counselor:

Watch the STEM OPT I-765 Online Application Instructions Video!

STEM OPT Online Instructions


Step 3: Wait for your STEM OPT EAD Card

NOTE: USCIS will send your EAD card to the address given on your online I-765 form. It is critically important then that you keep USCIS informed of any address changes. You must do so on the USCIS website

For a list of your reporting requirements while on STEM OPT please review the STEM OPT reporting information sheet on the Study in the States website.


Information for Employers

  • Employers play a key role in maintaining and strengthening the integrity of the STEM OPT extension program. Although compliance with the program's various reporting requirements predominately apply to students and their universities, there are instances where STEM OPT employers must assist in tracking the STEM OPT students and their practical training progress. Employers must be registered in  E-Verify in order to employ international students on STEM OPT.  In addition, the employment opportunity must be full-time  (at least 21 hours per week).
    See employers' requirements for more information on employer reporting requirements.
  • DHS requires that the STEM OPT student and employer work together to complete the form I-983. Properly completing this form will successfully document the relationship between the STEM OPT opportunity, the academic degree received and the learning objectives of the F-1 student.
    See employers' I-983 form for more information on filling out the form I-983.
  • Site visits ensure that STEM OPT students receive structured and guided work-based learning experiences and reduce the potential for abuses of the STEM OPT extension. During the site visit, DHS's intent is to confirm that information reported on the student's form I-983 concerning the training opportunity is accurate, while not placing an unnecessary burden on employers.
    See employer site visits for more information on site visits.


Information for TTU employers

Form I-983 Training Plan Section 3: 

TTU Employer ID Number (EIN): 75-6002622
Number of Full-Time Employees in U.S.: 4,993
NAICS code: 611310
Start Date of Employment: Enter date the employee will begin STEM OPT training with the department.
TTU HR Information Page Regarding E-Verify: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/hr/E-Verify/
E-Verify Number for TTU: 280703

If you have a question, that is not listed here. See our OPT Frequently Asked Questions. If that does not answer your question, email your international student counselor.


Step 4: STEM OPT Reporting Responsibilities

Per the requirements listed in your STEM OPT Acknowledgment form, you will be required to report any changes in your address, phone number, or employment within ten days of the change. While you will still be able to report changes in your personal address or phone number through your SEVP Student Portal account, you will no longer be able to report changes in employment yourself in the Portal account once on STEM OPT.

Please follow this procedure to report a change of employment on STEM OPT:

  1. Complete and email the “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” from (second half of page #5 of the I-983) your previous employer to your international student counselor. Please be sure to include your employment end date in this evaluation.
  2. Complete a new I-983 with the new employer and email it to your international student counselor.

You additionally will have a six-month STEM OPT check-in and an annual evaluation from the I-983 due during your STEM OPT, per the requirements listed in the STEM OPT Acknowledgment form. Your validations are due exactly after 6, 12, 18, and 24 months counting from the start date of your STEM OPT EAD authorization (not the start date of your employment with your company). You will need to verify the following information for your international student counselor, even if that has not changed:

SEVIS ID Number:

Current Home Address:

Current Email Address (non-TTU):

Current Employment Information (name and address):

First Date of Employment during STEM OPT period:

The “Evaluation on Student Progress” from page #5 of the I-983 is due at the end of your first year of STEM OPT. This evaluates your first year of STEM OPT. The “Final Evaluation on Student Progress” is due at the end of your second year of STEM OPT and evaluates the second year. Please email these forms to your international student counselor when they are due.

If you created your SEVP Student Portal account, then your Portal account will send you automated email reminders whenever you have the six-month check-in and/or annual reports due.