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Post Arrival Guide

Checklist 1 - Plan your first week(s) at TTU

It is important that you carefully plan and prepare for your first week(s) at TTU, before your classes begin. Plan before you arrive since you will have many things to get done before your first day of class and before you can register for your classes. 

Checklist  2  - Check in with your International Student Counselor

One of the first things you must do in order to remain legal in the US as an F-1 or J-1 student is to check-in with your international student counselor at the International Cultural Center.  This is easy to do since you can make the appointment online, even before you depart your home country or the place where you may currently living in the US (transfer students).  

Schedule a Check-In Appointment

You should check-in before your first day of classes. 

Note: This is a serious and important requirement. If you fail to check-in with your international student counselor after arriving in the US or transferring to TTU, you will be considered out of status (illegally present) by the US government. 

Checklist 3 - Complete the TSI Test

All incoming First-year undergraduate international students are required to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test before registering for classes. Students that are transferring from a community college in the US may not need to take the TSI.

To learn about the TSI, the required TSI Pre-Assessment Activity, and to find out whether you are required to take this test, please visit the TSI website.

Information about the TSI Test


This test can take up to 8 hours to complete.  You must consider this when planning your first week(s) in Lubbock, before your classes begin. Again, you will not be allowed to register for your classes until after you take this test. 

Checklist 4 - Attend a Red Raider Orientation (RRO)

All undergraduate students are required to attend a Red Raider Orientation (RRO). You must attend an RRO before you will be allowed to register for classes. 

If you are a transferring student we suggest that you take the RRO as early in the summer as possible so that you can register for your classes earlier. Newly arriving first-year students will sign up for an RRO that will take place after they arrive in the US (sometime during the week before classes begin).

 Registering for your Red Raider Orientation

Checklist 5 - Attend the Mandatory International Student Orientation

All international undergraduate students must also attend the new international student orientation. This event takes place during the week before classes begin.

Undergraduate International Student Orientation


Graduate international students are required to attend a separate orientation put on by the Graduate School.

Graduate International Student Orientation

Checklist 6 - Obtain an Insurance Card

Your insurance card will be mailed to your local address listed in your eRaider account.  If you don't have a local address in eRaider, you can pick up your card at Student Health Services or print the card online from the AETNA website.  The insurance fee will appear on your bill 24-48 hours after you register for courses. 

All international students enrolled in classes at TTU are required to purchase the TTU student health insurance policy. For more information about this insurance, click on the button below.

Student Health Insurance Information


Checklist 7 - Make tuition, fees, and on-campus housing payments.

Your bill will be available after you register for classes and their are a variety of payment plans.  All information and questions related to billing should be directed to:

Student Business Services

We suggest that you consider setting up a Flywire Account to pay your tuition, fees and housing bill.

Set up a PayMyTuition Account

This service will allow you to more easily pay your bill after you register for classes, reducing the risk of late payments. Sometimes there are delays in transferring money from your home bank account and setting up a US bank account so that you can make payments. Delays in payments can result in your classes being dropped. PayMyTuition can expedite the process of bill payment.

Checklist 8 Get your Texas Tech Student ID Card

University ID/RaiderCard

Your ID/RaiderCard is a card that you will use for a large variety of purposes during your time at TTU. Examples include:

  • Checking out materials in the library
  • Dining
  • Admittance to the Recreation Center   

Other things you will/may need to do/know

Obtain a Student Parking Permit, if you own a vehicle.

Opening a Bank Account in the US 
Connecting to Campus Wi-Fi.  The log-in information you will need.

    • Network Name: TTUnet
    • Use your eRaider username and password

Apply for a Texas State ID or Driver's License
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