Texas Tech University

Pre Arrival Guide

Step 1  Activate your eRaider Account

After being admitted to TTU, you will receive an e-mail from IT Help Central with your Texas Tech username, activation code, and instructions about how to activate your account.  At this time you should also activate your TTU e-mail address. 

Note: Please check your TTU e-mail account on a regular basis since this is the address where all TTU communication will be sent. 

Step 2 Obtain the Appropriate Visa

If you are currently residing outside the US and will make your initial entry into the US to begin a program at TTU, you will need to apply for a student visa at a US Embassy or Consulate. Please visit the ISSS page that describes the process of applying for a visa and view the presentation:

How to Get a Visa

Transfer students will work with TTU International Undergraduate Admissions staff and immigration support personnel at their current institution to transfer their record in SEVIS to TTU. 

Note:  The F-1 student immigration document (I-20) will be sent to both initial and transfer students after the student is admitted and has provided all of the required documentation.

Step 3  Set up On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing

All first year /First year student students are required to live on campus. Information about on- campus housing and how to register can be found at the

University Student Housing Web Page

Graduate students, transfer students, and any other students that are not required to live in on-campus housing, can find a variety of web sites that will help you in your search for off-campus housing options. Many of these off-campus facilities have bus services to the campus for students without cars.

For students who arrive before dorm move in or before their apartment lease begins, International Student Life has partnered with Visit Lubbock and will be offering discounted rates for hotels close to campus.  These rates are only available to international students traveling to the USA alone or with their families who need a temporary place to stay until move in. To learn more about this program visit our Hotel Partnership Program page.

Before signing a lease for off-campus housing, please read the brochure published by the TTU Student Legal Services office

Important Lease Information

Step 4 Get all of the Required Immunizations

Incoming First year student students who do not meet the exemption requirements must provide documentation of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) and Meningitis vaccines before enrolling in classes. Some international student are also required to be screened for tuberculosis.

The Student Health Center maintains a web page that lists  all international students who are citizens of countries that are notrequired to have tuberculosis screening, as well as additional information for international students regarding immunization requirements and exemptions.

Student Health Immunization Information Page for International Students

Step 5 Register for Red Raider Orientation

All undergraduate students are required to attend a Red Raider Orientation (RRO). You must attend an RRO before you will be allowed to register for classes. 

Registering for your RRO


Graduate international students are not required to attend an RRO.  The graduate school presents a mandatory separate orientation for all graduate students.  

Step 6 Register for the International Student Orientation

All international undergraduate students must also attend the new international student orientation presented by International Student Life. This event takes place during the week before classes begin.

Undergraduate International Student Orientation

Graduate international students are required to attend a separate orientation put on by the Graduate School 

Graduate International Student Orientation

Step 7 Take the Required Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Pre-Assessment Activity

All incoming First year student international students are required to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test before registering for classes. Graduate students are not required to take the TSI. Undergraduate students that are transferring from a community college in the US may not need to take the TSI. 

To learn about the TSI, the required TSI Pre-Assessment Activity, and to find out whether you are required to take this test, please visit the TSI website.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Pre-Assessment Activity


Step 8 Check Registration Holds

Before a student can register for classes all holds on the students account must be removed.  Holds are placed on student accounts for a variety of reasons. If you are unable to register and need to know what hold has been placed on your account and what action you need to take to remove that hold, please visit the following page.

Registration Holds and How to Remove Them


Step 9 Register for Airport Pick-up

International Student Life has partnered with the university and  Lubbock community to offer you a free airport pickup service.  To learn about this service and sign up please visit the International Student Life (ISL) page: 

Airport Pickup Information and Sign-up

Step 10 Other Recommended Steps and Important Information

If applicable, please register for

Student Disabilities Services

Estimated Expenses

The university estimates minimum expenses for nine months to be approximately $30,500 (graduate) and $37,500 (undergraduate), but actual expenses vary greatly according to tuition, fees, and number of courses taken by a given student. The university also reserves the right to make changes in tuition and fees at anytime.

Students on F-1 and J-1 visas should have at least $4,000 in their possession upon arrival in Lubbock. We recommend that you bring as much of the amount as you are allowed to transfer. Please plan accordingly. Tuition and fee payments are due before classes begin.

If you plan to bring your spouse and child(ren) with you, add approximately $6,500 for your spouse and $4,600 per child for 12-month living expenses. Students are urged to have adequate financial means for their entire period of study, since there are few financial resources at the University. Note: Please take extra care with any amount of currency that you may have on your person. Be sure to properly secure these items and your immigration documents while you are traveling.


Consider setting up a Pay My Tuition account to pay your tuition, fees and housing bill.  This service will allow you to more easily pay your bill after you register for classes.  Sometimes there are delays in transferring money from your home bank account and  setting up a US bank account. Delays in payments for your tuition and housing and can result in your classes being dropped.

Setting up a PayMyTuition Account