Texas Tech University

Rich Rice

Contemporary composition and rhetoric, new media, problem-based learning, portfolio assessment, intercultural communication, online writing instruction, and service-learning.

ENGL4367: Instructional Materials (Spring 2023)
ENGL5393: Grant Writing (Spring 2023) 

Perspectives on Writing Series (WAC) Clearinghouse

Director, Center for Global Communication
Director/Judge of UIL Ready Writing 
Board Member, Community Assistance Volunteers

International scholars (call me 米富)

Ph.D. Ball State University (2002)


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Reynolds, N., & Rice, R. (2006). Portfolio teaching: A guide for teachers of college writing courses. 2/e. Bedford, 2006. 117 pages. Print. (50%) 978-0-31241911-0 http://amazon.com

Journal Special Issues

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Mitchell, C. A., & Rice, R. (2024). Retooling decision-making in a/synchronous online literacy instruction. In A. Cicchino, & T. Hicks (eds.), Better practices: Experts and emerging instructors explore how to better teach writing in online and hybrid spaces. The WAC Clearinghouse. https://wac.colostate.edu/books/perspectives/better. (50%)

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Awards / Sponsored Research

Digital defiance in a New Delhi media market. TTU scholarship catalyst program, TTU Vice President for Research, 2021.

Service-learning research travel award. TTU TLPDC, 2019.

Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers building excellence campaign. Communities of West Texas, 2019.

Technical Communication Advisor/Researcher. Southeast University (China), 2019.

TTU Teaching, Learning, & Professional Development Center Faculty Spotlight, 2019.

Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers building utilities grant. Communities of West Texas, 2018.

Service-Learning Faculty Fellow, TTU Teaching, Learning & Professional Development Center, 2018.

Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers capacity grant. Helen Jones Foundation, 2018.

Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers capacity grant. CH Foundation, 2018.

TTU Faculty International Scholarship Global Vision Award (runner-up). TTU Office of International Affairs, 2018.

TTU Department of English Visiting International Scholars, TTU Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement, 2017.

Faculty Development Leave, TTU A&S, 2017.

Visiting Research Professor, Southeast University (China), 2017.

Synoptics Wordscape Exhibition, TTU Museum, 2016.

Synoptics Wordscape Interactive Kiosk, TTU Humanities Center, 2015.

U.S. Fulbright Scholar South and Central Asia Regional Travel Program (Sri Lanka), 2014.

Visiting Research Professor, Ashoka University (India), Fall 2014.

Transdisciplinary Research Academy Sponsored Research, TTU A&S, 2014.

U.S. Fulbright-Nehru Scholars Award: Shifting Programmatic Studies in US-India English/Communication and Study Abroad Programs, 2014.

Multicultural Course Transformation Project, TTU TLPDC, 2014.

India Study Abroad/Exchange Sponsored Travel Grant, TTU Provost's Office, 2013.

Service-Learning Faculty Fellow, TTU TLPDC, 2013.

Developing the "Smart" Media Connect-Exchange Study Abroad Model, TTU A&S, 2013.

Faculty Development Leave, TTU A&S, 2011.

Visiting Research Professor, Central University of Kerala (India)Faculty Development Leave, TTU A&S, 2011., 2011.

CPTSC Research Grant, Distance Learning and India, 2011.

Course Redesign Project Grant, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board of Academic Excellence and Research. PI, Grant proposal primary writer was J. Muñoz, with input from F. Kemp and myself, 2008.

Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Grant, “ISUComm, Technology, and New Media Research at Iowa State University,“ Spring 2007.

TTU Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center Faculty Incentive Grant, “Digital Portfolio as Praxis: English and Education Students Implement iMovie Video Clips to Assess Teaching” (with J. Thomas, & P. Johnson), 2003.

New Media Exhibits

Rice, R. (2016). Synoptics wordscape exhibition, TTU Museum (with the TTU Humanities Center and New Media/Rhetoric graduate course).

Rice, R. (2016). Synoptics wordscape kiosk, TTU Museum (with the TTU Humanities Center and New Media/Rhetoric graduate course).

Rice, R. (2014). Living through chess thinking. LILA Foundation for Translocal Initiatives: The Luminous Idea of Life Appreciation. Our Warring Moves: Space, Conflict, Beauty Dialogues. New Delhi, India. http://www.lilainteractions.in/our-warring-moves/#loulou_d_aki

Rice, R. (2009). iPLAY, Lubbock Science Spectrum (with New Media/Rhetoric graduate course; an Interaction Design undergraduate class updated it to iPlay 2.0). Computer installation.


Technical Communication & Rhetoric

Email: rich.rice@ttu.edu
Offices: 488; ICC 111D
Phone: (806) 834-0573