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Each year the Fulbright Program awards approximately 1,200 U.S. scholars awards, in addition to several hundred teachers and professionals.  Over the years many TTU faculty, researchers, and staff have received awards.  Information/external links for TTU faculty, staff and and researchers that wish to apply for one of these Fulbright awards can be found on a web page under the Office of the Vice President for Research: 

TTU Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Fulbright Awards Information Request Form

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Where and how do I apply for the Fulbright Scholar Program:

Who can I contact at TTU to discuss my application plans?

TTU-Fulbright Scholar Liaisons at the Office of International Affairs (OIA) are available to provide faculty and administrators with detailed information about the different Fulbright programs, application process and guidelines. You can contact them at:

Where can I contact a Fulbright Advisor to get more information about the application requirements and process?

  • Fulbright Advisors at the Institute of International Education (IIE) are available to provide detailed information about the application process at https://cies.org/contact-us
  • In addition, in the catalog of awards at https://awards.cies.org/ the description of the award per country provides the name and contact information (phone, email) of the Fulbright Advisor assigned to that award. You can also join virtual “Office Hours” offered by IIE at https://apply.iie.org/portal/scholar_events

Who do I need to notify at TTU about my plans to submit a Fulbright application?

All faculty and administrators planning to apply for a Fulbright Scholar should reach out to their Department Chairs and/or College Deans in advance before submitting their application to inform them about their intentions to apply for a Fulbright award and their prospective timeline for completing the project. Prospective applicants also need to notify Dr. Abigail Swingen, Associate Vice President in the Office of Research & Innovation and Dr. Rob Stewart, Senior Vice Provost about their intentions to apply for a Fulbright award.Please note that if a faculty or administrator receives a Fulbright award several arrangements need to be made and resources need to be allocated in advance to cover for the grantee absence, and thus, is important to inform your department/college about your application plans ahead of time.

Do I need to apply for a Development Leave at TTU for my Fulbright application?

YES. The Fulbright Scholar award is included among TTU Targeted External Awards for faculty. Upon being notified of  receiving a Fulbright award, an Expedited Faculty Development Leave (FDL) procedure needs to be followed. The procedure for an FDL can be found here: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/research/award-ops/downloads/FinalExFDLprocedure.pdf

Where can I find information about all Fulbright Awards and deadlines?

The Fulbright Catalog of Awards is available here: http://awards.cies.org The Program competition opens in February every year and the applications are due on September 15th directly to the Fulbright submission site: https://cies.org/programs/us-scholar-awards#application

Does the Fulbright project need to include a Research and/or Teaching component?

Fulbright awards could be for teaching or research only, a combination of teaching/research, or a creative project. A full description of Fulbright awards is available through the award catalog http://awards.cies.org and you are strongly encouraged to carefully read the award details and requirements based on your country/ies of interest as award components vary across countries.

How much funds are provided by Fulbright and for how long?

Since awards vary by country, stipends and benefits also vary. Detailed information about stipends and benefits are provided for each award/country in the award catalog http://awards.cies.org

What type of incentives or institutional support is provided by TTU for Fulbright applicants?

The Offices of the Provost and Research & Innovation provide incentives and recognition for Fulbright awardees as part of the TTU Targeted External Awards Incentives Program; For more information and/or questions about TTU internal incentives for Fulbright awardees, contact Dr. Abigail Swingen, Associate Vice President in the Office of Research & Innovationsee; detailed information here: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/research/award-ops/downloads/Targeted-External-Awards-Incentives-memo.pdf

What type of resources are available for faculty to help in completing the application?

The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)-Fulbright provides numerous resources to assist you in completing your application such as webinars, sample project statements, blogs and tips from Fulbright alumni, checklists, timeline, FAQ, etc. You can access that information at these pages:

At TTU, faculty and staff/admin across colleges and departments are encouraged to schedule an appointment with TTU-Fulbright Liaisons to discuss their research interests, timeline for submitting a Fulbright Scholar application, Fulbright programs that may fit their interests and career needs, and countries of interest as well as other topics and questions.

TTU-Fulbright Liaisons can help you develop an application plan, provide guidance on the development of the proposal and identify a potential TTU-Fulbright Alumni mentor who can support you through the application process among other services.

For more information contact the TTU-Fulbright Liaisons: