Texas Tech University

Proposal Checklist

Use this checklist to work with your designated proposal analyst to facilitate planning, coordination, assembling, and successful submission of proposals for sponsored projects. Download a copy to save your progress through the list.

General Considerations

  • Have the PI and other investigators read and understood the guidelines of the program being applied to, including required deadline for proposal submission?

  • Are the PI and other investigators eligible to apply to the funding program?

  • Does the format of the proposal (page, font, order of proposal sections, etc.) conform to program guidelines?

  • Are all necessary attachments included (e.g., biographical sketches, certification and assurances to be completed by ORS, etc.)?

  • Is the PI familiar with the proposal submission method (sponsor electronic submission system, mailing considerations, etc.)?


  • For federal, state, or non-profit sponsors, is the F&A rate mandated by the guidelines being used?

  • For for-profit sponsors, is the University using the full, negotiated F&A rate?

  • Are sponsor budget mandates followed (e.g., salary caps, prohibitions on purchase of equipment, total request, etc.)?

  • Is Cost Share required?

  • Is any Voluntary Cost Share included?

  • If yes to any of the previous two questions, has the cost share been reviewed and approved by University Officials?

  • If there are any subcontracts, do their budgets conform with the primary sponsor limitations and requirements?

  • Does the budget add up and match the budget justification?

External Collaborators

  • Have all required proposal documents been provided by the external collaborator (e.g., budget, budget justification, biosketches, facilities, other mandatory documents)?

  • Have appropriate administrative approvals been obtained from external collaborators (e.g., subcontracts, third parties, etc.)?

  • Is the role of each institution clearly stated in the proposal?

  • Has a statement of work been provided from each institution?

Cost Sharing

  • Cost Sharing commitments must be documented and tracked via Cayuse SP, email, letters, additional documentation, and/or FOP numbers. Have cost sharing commitments been endorsed by the appropriate TTU official?

  • Have third party commitment letters been obtained, if applicable?

Space and Additional Funding Considerations

  • Have requirements for space or specialized facilities (e.g., secure facilities) been approved by the Department Chair, Dean, or Director to accommodate the proposed project?

  • Other than for cost sharing, have requirements for internal commitment of funds been cleared with the Department Chair, Dean or Director?

Research Compliance Considerations


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