Texas Tech University

Resources for Researchers

  • Accounting Services- Accounting Services supports the teaching, learning, research and public service missions of TTU by providing financial administration, compliance, and other support services for sponsored project funds.
  • Animal Care and Use Committee - Animal Care Services (IACUC) facilitates the use of animals in research and teaching at Texas Tech University while assuring compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Centers & Institutes - Texas Tech houses more than 50 recognized centers and institutes dedicated to enhancing research.
  • Core Facilities - A number of core facilities and other resources are available across the TTU and TTUHSC campuses to assist faculty members in their research.
  • Councils & Compliance Committees - The following is a list of councils and compliance committees overseen by the Office of Research & Innovation.
  • Data Management - Provided by the TTU Libraries, includes resources for data management as well as updates on new requirements for NSF grants. Part of the website for scholarly communications.
  • Environmental Health & Safety - The Institutional Biosafety & Hazardous Materials Committee assists biological and chemical research and compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Financial Disclosure - Information and forms regarding disclosure of any significant financial interests that may represent an actual or potential conflict of interest in relationship to externally sponsored projects.
  • Funding Resources - Find internal and external funding opportunities, including limited submissions and funding announcements.
  • Guide to Research - This document is a detailed guide through the research process from beginning to end.
  • TTU Health Sciences Center Research - Provides resources and information about research at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.
  • HRPP/IRB - The Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research involving Texas Tech University personnel, resources and/or facilities by reviewing human research carried out at the university.
  • Limited Submissions - Federal, State and private funding agencies occasionally limit the number of proposals and/or applications submitted by an organization in response to a given funding opportunity. As needed, the Office of Research & Innovation (OR&I) will initiate an internal limited submission competition in order to comply with this agency requirement.
  • Office of Research Commercialization (ORC) - The ORC works with researchers and business partners to translate research discoveries into commercial applications and successfully bring them to the marketplace.
  • Office of Research Services (ORS) - The Office of Research Services assists university faculty and staff in the development and submission of research proposals and in the management of sponsored projects.
  • Research Integrity & RCR - Find information on TTU policies and responsible conduct of research as well as other helpful resources regarding research integrity.
  • Start-Up Request Guidelines - Start-up request negotiations must be for an individual; requests will not be considered for positions. The start-up request form must be completed and routed for approval and signatures prior to confirming a faculty offer.
  • TTU Transdisciplinary Research Academy (TTUTRA) - A group designed to bring people with diverse interests together to explore questions that have a global impact and intersect with the strategic research themes established by the university.