Texas Tech University

Financial Responsibility

A Sponsor will cover most tuition and mandatory fees. Charges not covered by the sponsor remain the student's financial responsibility.

Charges Not Covered

Below is a list of charges that are often not covered by the sponsor and must be paid by the student:

  • Unapproved online/hybrid courses
  • Parking permit fees
  • Insurance co-pays and Student Health fees
  • Field trip fees
  • Citations and fines
  • Dropped registration fees
  • Payment plan enrollment fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Library late fees
  • Service charges
  • Reinstatement fees

Checking Your Student Bill

It is important for the student to check their account periodically. When classified as a Sponsored Student, the charges covered by the sponsor will have a temporary credit applied. This credit amount does not represent an actual payment from the sponsor. These are the amounts that will be invoiced to the sponsor. The temporary credit amounts are subject to cahnge at any time. If the sponsor does not pay the invoiced amount in full for a student's given term, any unpaid charges become the student's reponsibility.

Student Business Service Emails

If a balance is due on your account, you will receive emails from Student Business Services sent to your TTU email address. DO NOT ignore these emails. It could mean ISSP does not have a current Financial Guarantee on file, your sponsor did not pay your entire tuition and fees from a previous term or specific charges were not invoiced to your sponsor.

International Sponsored Students