Texas Tech University

Maintaining Sponsorship

Financial Guarantee

To maintain sponsorship, students must have a valid Financial Guarantee (FG) on file with the International Sponsored Student Programs (ISSP) office 5 business days before the payment deadline of each semester. If the student fails to submit a valid FG by the deadline, the student will be responsible for paying their tuition and fees along with any late/cancellation fees. If the student is not going to have their FG submitted by the deadline, to avoid being dropped from classes or cancelled, the student should enroll in an Emergency Payment Plan. The payment plan fee is the student's responsiblity and not covered by the sponsor.

Online/Hybrid Course Approval

Most sponsors do not allow and will not pay for courses that are online or hybrid. Students must check with their sponsor and get approval. Approval must be on file with ISSP before the payment deadline of the semester. Students who fail to request approval will be required to pay for the tuition and fees themselves for the online/hybrid course. TTU will not bill the sponsor for any unapproved online/hybrid courses.

Maintain Full-time Enrollment

Students must be fully registered and meeting the immigration requirements. Some sponsors, however, may require that students enroll in more than the minimum number of hours required by immigration regulations.

Be Familiar with Important Dates and Deadlines

Students should be familiar with all deadlines, including payment deadlines and add/drop deadlines

Check your TTU Email

Students should check their TTU email often. All official communication from the university will be sent to this email address, including communication from ISSP and Student Business Services.




International Sponsored Students