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STEM CORE will be a nationally-recognized resource that performs and facilitates collaborative and interdisciplinary activities in STEM education, outreach, and research.


The mission of STEM CORE is to integrate and deepen the impact of STEM education, outreach, and research at Texas Tech University and beyond. Currently, STEM CORE's mission and activities align with the three university's primary, comprehensive areas of focus in the strategic plan: 1) Enable innovative research and creative activities; 2) Transform lives and communities through strategic outreach and engaged scholarship; and 3) Provide support mechanisms for educating and empowering a diverse student body.


The scope for STEM CORE is derived from its vision and mission in the realms of STEM education, outreach, and research. All three are weighted equally within the scope of STEM CORE, and includes training and professional development. The activities of STEM CORE are in service to and in collaboration with our stakeholders. Stakeholders include but are not limited to Texas Tech University faculty, staff, and administrators, K-12 educators, and informal science community partners.

Although STEM CORE aims to have a role at the national level in STEM issues, the primary mission of STEM CORE is locally based, that is, to improve STEM outreach, research, and education at Texas Tech University and surrounding communities. STEM CORE acts to facilitate interaction, community, and knowledge development in outreach, research, and educational activities among stakeholders.

Our primary functions include the following: 1) providing a service to faculty related to proposal writing and broader impacts consultations; 2) facilitating strategic K-12 outreach; 3) serving as a central hub to culminate and coordinate STEM activities across campus by stimulating networking; and 4) stimulating and sustaining the development of an inclusive and diverse STEM population on campus.

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