Texas Tech University

About Membership

Interested in joining the STEM CORE Membership?

Consider joining us in one of three ways:

Affiliate: Affiliates are faculty and staff who wish to be involved with STEM CORE in a peripheral manner, or who wish to utilize the resources, both physical and intellectual, of the Center. To be an affiliate, you should:

  • Be interested in the mission and vision of STEM CORE
  • Plan to attend at least one STEM CORE activity within a calendar year

Member: To be a general member of STEM CORE, faculty or staff is expected to meet the affiliate requirements and regularly fulfill at least two of the following three requirements:

  • Submit or be part of a submission of at least one STEM, STEM Education or STEM Outreach grant
  • Develop or be engaged in at least one STEM outreach activity or program
  • Plan to attend STEM CORE activities

Fellow: Fellows are expected to have a vested interest in the mission and vision of STEM CORE, and to go above and beyond the requirements for membership. To be a Fellow, you must fulfill all of the requirements to be a member and one or both of the items below:

  • Have a recognizable track record in STEM research, education, or outreach
  • Have a track record of sustained STEM outreach activity and consistently reported on its efficacy at a regional or national meeting or published the results in a peer-reviewed journal