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Fall 2020 Broader Impacts Workshops

Topic: Don't let the Broader Impacts section of your proposal be the weak link that prevents your grant proposal from being funded. Learn from successful examples and best practices to develop your own Broader Impacts section of your proposal.
First Offering Date: November 4, 2020 from 2 -3:30 PM
Second Offering Date: November, 5, 2020 from 1:30 - 3 PM
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What can STEM CORE do for me?

If you are interested in talking to someone from STEM CORE about any of these options, please fill out this Grant Submission Form at least 2 weeks before your proposal is due to give STEM CORE a sufficient time to respond. 

  1. Proposal or Broader Impacts Consultation
    • STEM CORE can provide consultation services to investigators. A consultant provides verbal assistance on a proposal based on his/her research expertise, connections to the professional networks and the community, as well as other resources. Example consultation services include providing general advice on the development of the proposal, guiding investigators to find relevant resources, and suggestions on dissemination tactics. STEM CORE can also provide guidance during proposal development by suggesting useful sections and language relevant to broader impacts of the proposed research. A consultant is not actively involved in the writing of the proposal or execution of the project, and work should consist of a 1-2 meeting commitment to discuss the proposal.
  2. Letters of Support or Letters of Collaboration
    • STEM CORE will provide letters of support or collaboration as a center. STEM CORE can contribute relevant resources or support specified in the grant proposal should the proposal be funded, however, depending on the type of resource or support provided, the proposal may need to include the appropriate budget allocated to such support.
  3. Faculty Network Connections
    • STEM CORE can help establish connections to faculty looking for additional faculty across campus to connect with, whom you may not know. Because of the diversity of faculty involved with STEM CORE, suggestions about appropriate people to work with across campus can be provided, and introductions can be made.
  4. Formal Collaboration
    • STEM CORE members can collaborate on a project as Co-PI or key personnel, depending on their level of involvement and contribution. A collaborator is actively involved in the project. The contribution to the proposal could be writing sections of the proposal, ensuring the successful execution of the project, facilitating outreach components, or finding dissemination opportunities.

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