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Community Engaged Scholarship

An engaged institution is one that has redesigned its teaching, research/creative activity, and service to be responsive to diverse community needs and societal challenges, advance faculty scholarship, and enrich the student experience through mutually beneficial community partnerships.

STEM CORE can help plan, organize, and execute your community engaged scholarship event or workshop. Questions? Email stem-core@ttu.edu for more information.

Reach Out

At Texas Tech University, we believe we have a responsibility to reach out to local, state, national, and international communities and contribute to the public good. By reaching out, faculty, staff, and students are able to extend and apply their disciplinary knowledge and expertise beyond the campus walls to help support and advance education, health care, the arts, civic life, public policy, economic development, and much more.


To engage means connecting the needs and interests of Texas Tech faculty, staff, and students with the needs and interests of communities. By engaging with communities, faculty gain valuable experiences and insights that can inform their teaching, research/creative activity, and service. Students are able to apply their classroom learning to real-world issues, which enhances their overall learning experience and career opportunities.


Engagement between the university and communities often leads to transformations that none of the partners might have expected or could have achieved on their own. By blending the disciplinary knowledge of faculty, staff, and students with the knowledge and experiences of communities, new knowledge and insights emerge that can transform not only the academy (teaching, research, and scholarship) but also human lives.

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Outreach and Engagement

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