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What can STEM CORE do for you?

  1. Educational Program Consultation
    • During the proposal writing phase, a member (or members) of the Education Committee can meet to consult on your proposed STEM education activities.
  2. Formal Collaboration
    • STEM CORE is interested in partnering with interested individuals on STEM education proposals and activities. Please let us know if you are interested and have a proposal selected. 
  3. Offer STEMinars and workshops to attend
    • Whether you are new to STEM education or looking for continuing professional development, please join us for one of our numerous STEMinars!

Educational Seminars

Are you interested in giving an Educational Seminar? Have an idea of someone we could have give a seminar? Email STEM CORE!

Helpful Teaching Resources

STEP Program

Teach Program

Teaching Academy

STEM Assessments

Test of Science-Related Attitudes (ToSRA)

Education Conferences

Local Conferences

Panhandle STEM Conference (K-12 Education)

Regional Conferences

Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching

National/International Conferences

American Education Research Association Annual Meeting

Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education

Institute on General Education and Assessment

Association of Texas College & University Facilities Professionals

International Conference on Education

Association of American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting



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