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STEP Faculty & Student Partnerships Program

The STEM Teaching, Engagement and Pedagogy (STEP) Program is designed to encourage research-focused STEM faculty to become more knowledgeable about Evidence-Based Instructional Practices (EBIPs) and to support the implementation of targeted strategies borne out of this type of research.

The STEP Faculty & Student Partnerships Program is strategically blending the often-isolated approaches of faculty development and student success to create faculty-student partnerships that train both faculty and Learning Assistants (LAs) to create classroom communities that will enhance student learning and faculty satisfaction. This strategic plan to blend evidence-based instructional techniques with peer instruction initiatives, like Learning Assistants, will ensure consistency in the evidence-based approach for faculty and students, enhance training for faculty and LAs, ensure regulatory compliance (i.e., FERPA), provide access to Blackboard and ultimately create a central hub for faculty and students to partner.

The goals of this project are to emphasize faculty and student partnerships while training and supporting STEM faculty in the use of EBIPs from course conception and development through classroom implementation.

Since 2016, 105 faculty from twenty departments, and seven colleges have been, or are currently being trained in using Evidence-based Instructional Practices (EBIPs) across the STEM disciplines and beyond.  This includes thirty-six faculty who are trained specifically in peer instruction pedagogy to serve students in forty-four course sections. The STEP Faculty & Student Partnerships Program is on target to have over 220 LAs partnering with TTU faculty in fall 2023.

Benefits of STEP for 2023-2024

  • Course Development, including:
    • Syllabus creation
    • Implementation of Learning Assistants
    • Content creation and organization
    • Technology Assistance
  • Virtual & F2F Discussions on pertinent topics
  • Live Workshops Presented by Faculty
  • Mid-semester Student Survey Administration & Analysis
  • Networking with other STEP Fellows and Pedagogical Specialists
  • $1500 Research/Supplies Allowance

Participation in the STEP Program is estimated to require approximately 20 hours of the fellows' time per semester. If you have questions about the STEP Program email Dr. Ken Griffith at ken.griffith@ttu.edu

STEP Fellowship Application

To be considered for a STEP Fellowship, we request that you fill out a very brief web form and submit the following documents via email, to Ken Griffith.  Applications for the 2022-2023 cohort are now open! 

  • Teaching Philosophy Statement
  • 1 Page Statement of Interest
    • Requested components:
      • Motivation for participating in the STEP Program
      • How have you incorporated previous feedback regarding your teaching?
      • How you plan to implement Learning Assistants into your course.
    • Optional components:
      • Goals as a teacher
      • Areas for future growth
      • Past experiences

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