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The Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center offers room reservations to the Texas Tech Community in order to support professional development and to promote the campus commitment to teaching excellence. Our rooms are available based on the schedule of TLPDC sessions each semester. The following information will assist you in planning for events held at the TLPDC. Departments and individuals reserving rooms at the TLPDC are responsible for the conduct of their guests and any damage done to the rooms or TLPDC property. Reservations may be made between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00, Monday through Friday only. Please make sure that all events end by 5:00.

Room Details

Conference Room (Room 137)

Seating up to 10 participants, this conference room is designed for conducting meetings and video conferences.

Room 137 Photos

Conference Room (Room 139)

Seating up to 10 participants, this conference room is designed for conducting meetings and video conferences.

Room 139 Photos

Active Learning Classroom (Room 150)

This room is set up with 8 roundtables seating 5 people at each table and can seat a total of 40 people. If tables are removed, this room can accommodate approximately 70-80 people in audience-style seating. This room is best used to facilitate conversations, group work, brainstorming, and problem-solving.

Room 150 Photos

Computer Instruction (Room 151)

The Computer Instruction Lab is a state-of-the-art interactive video room. This room is equipped with up to 50 laptop computers as well as a presenter computer and presentations screens. This room is fully equipped to meet your audio/visual needs.

Room 151 Photos

Large Conference Room (Room 152)

Seating 14 participants, this room is designed for conducting small seminars, meetings, and video conferences.

Room 152 Photos

Faculty Instruction Lab (Room 153)

The faculty instruction room is designed primarily for discussion oriented sessions regarding teaching and learning for faculty and instructional staff. This room is set up with 7 roundtables seating 5 people at each table. Including the chairs along the back wall, this room seats up to 45 people. This room is fully equipped to meet your audio/visual needs.

Room 153 Photos


TLPDC Room Reservation Form

Please fill out the form above to reserve a space at the TLPDC. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our rooms or a reservation, please reach out to Molly Jacobs.

We encourage you to make your reservation as far in advance as possible in order to ensure room availability and you may submit a room request at any time throughout the year. However, if your request is not for the current semester, we will begin confirming reservation requests for future semesters on the dates listed below. Please note that any requests received prior to these dates will be held until that time, and will be reviewed in the order they are received.  

Fall – August 1st
Spring – December 15th
Summer – May 1st

When you make your reservation, please request the room for the actual meeting time. We build in a 30-minute buffer before and after to allow for cleaning and a change in set-up, if required, and to compensate for the occasional meeting that runs a bit long. If the session prior to yours is running into your reservation start time, please do not interrupt those currently in the room; instead, please find a TLPDC staff member to assist you. Please take care to end your sessions within the parameters of your reservation to ensure that we are able to accommodate all sessions throughout the day.  

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