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Syllabus Information

The following syllabus information has been updated for Fall, 2024 and Spring, 2025. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Suzanne Tapp.

Required Statements

Recommended Statements

AI Use Statements

Faculty now have three options by which they can add the required and recommended statements to their course syllabi.

Blackboard Integration

The syllabus information is now included on the landing page when you log into Blackboard. The link to the required statements and, if desired, to recommended statements can be easily embedded in your Blackboard course from the My Institution view. The Linking Required and Recommended Syllabus Statements document outlines the options for linking the statements in your course. Students can download these PDF documents if desired. We recommend that you add a statement to your syllabus that says, “Texas Tech Policies Concerning Academic Honesty, Special Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Student Absences for Observance of Religious Holy Days, and Statement of Accommodation for Pregnant Students may be found on Blackboard.”

Including Links

The TLPDC recommends this method as the most convenient and efficient: By add links to your syllabus, all updating will be centrally maintained. You might say something like, "Relevant Texas Tech policies can be found here:".

Including Full Statements

You can add the required and/or recommended statements directly to your syllabus as has been traditionally done. Full statements can be found on the webpages linked at the top.

Additional Content

  • If you are interested in adding a Trigger or Content Warning to your syllabus, please consider reading the TLPDC white paper with sample statements: Using Trigger or Content Warnings on Your Syllabus
  • If you are interested in adding a personal statement of support to your syllabus, the three examples below are options from which faculty members might choose. Faculty members choosing to use one of the statements below will need to personalize the statement to include the preferred method of contact. Because these are personal statements of support, faculty members should copy and paste them directly into syllabi:

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