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Paige Morrison

Student Success Specialist

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 

Paige Morrison, Success Specialist

I feel at my best and most impactful when I am helping others. The more my job involves human interaction, the happier I am coming in every day! I am so excited to settle into this position and start working with the Red Raider family. I hope to have the opportunity to build rapport with students and serve as a resource hub that'll help anyone get plugged in anywhere they need. Sometimes, just one positive relationship can make all the difference for the student. I am so honored to be in a position where I can be that person for a fellow Red Raider.  
As a result, I have always sought out work where I could directly help others. Even during my undergrad years, I wanted a person-first job and I luckily got the opportunity to work with other students as a writing tutor. Coming out of college, I moved to Mongolia with the Peace Corps and taught English in a rural community while living in a yurt. I left with invaluable experience in navigating difficult situations and working across cultural barriers. Later, I transitioned into working for the Girl Scouts here in Lubbock. I worked with disadvantaged girls, making sure that they had the same scouting experience as their peers. I loved getting to plan programming that created fulfilling connections between the girls and their community. I am excited to channel what I have learned back into helping undergraduate students! 
Outside of work, I love to read. I've read over 100 books in each of the last 2 years. My girlfriend and I try to take our dog out for adventures as often as we can, whether it be camping or hiking. Trying out new recipes also makes me pretty happy. Most of all though, I love to sleep. 



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My advice to my 18-year-old-self.

It is ok to change your plans. I went through my entire undergrad convinced I would immediately go into law school and then become a lawyer with no breaks in between. But after breaking down at a Starbucks during my senior year, I decided to apply to the Peace Corps on a whim. I took a few months off and then started to get work experience while exploring the world and I am much better off for it. We are all still growing and changing and it's ok to completely shift directions sometimes. 

The most inspiring part of my job.

Building personal connections. No matter what else I do or do not accomplish in a workday, I can leave for home feeling content so long as I made some form of a positive impact on someone that day. Even if it's just a compliment making someone get some pep in their step, I am so much happier knowing I had a positive influence on them. 

My most memorable facepalm moment.

During my senior year of college, I pulled an all-nighter studying for exams. Despite knowing that green tea on an empty stomach makes me very nauseous, I drank 2 cups. While driving to my exam, I threw up my tea all over my pants. I was in such a rush that I had to text my old roommate to borrow sweatpants and get dropped at my final because I wouldn't have enough time to park and walk over. I still did get an A on the exam though! 

The coolest thing I was involved in during my undergrad.

Doing paid research on ghost stories! 

My Academic Journey

I came in very determined to double major in my favorite subjects and declared immediately, despite the protests of some advisors saying I should acclimate. For awhile, I felt like I was cruising along and killing the game, especially when I ended up in a minor without even really planning for it. 
However, things did not always stay smooth sailing in my undergrad. I committed to doing my Honors Thesis and built out a whole plan with my thesis advisor to get it done while also applying for law school. I was in a great position to succeed at both difficult tasks so long as I put in the work throughout the academic year. Instead, I completely dropped the ball and put off both until it got to the point where finishing my thesis and applying to law school were impossible that year. I had to completely abandon my plans for my future and jump through tons of hoops to deal with the transcript ramifications of dropping my thesis. It thankfully did work out alright in the end, but it was the most stressful experience I had in school and it was the first time I saw how easy it was to mess up by not following through on my commitments. 

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