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Fun Facts

  • The building cost was $3.1 million for Phase I, $2.5 million for Phase II, and $40.8 million for Phase III. There was an additional $15.6 million in changes to the Arena for a grand total of $62 million.
  • Rosser International from Atlanta brought in the architect and structural engineers for the Arena.
  • The general contractor was Centex.
  • The major donors for the United Supermarkets Arena were the students of Texas Tech and United Supermarkets.
  • There are 44 double T's on the floor of the concourse level.
  • The Arena is 204,025 square feet in total area.
  • The Concourse Level is 81,017 sq. ft.; the Event Level is 91,693 sq. ft.; the Court area is 27, 292 sq. ft.
  • To build the Arena, there were 1,287,000 bricks used for the building.
  • There are 1,300 outlets and light switches.
  • There are 1,500 sprinklers covering every area except the high roof.
  • The Arena has almost five miles (25,000 ft.) of fire protection piping.
  • The building has 24 fire hose valves.
  • In the Arena, there are over 4,000 lights.
  • Over 82,000 shingles were used on the roof which were made of fired clay from Indiana.
  • There is approximately 140 million pounds (nearly 70,000 tons) of concrete in the building.
  • It took 62 trucks to pour the concrete floor where the basketball court is located.
  • The Arena uses 6,200 tons of steel and has 92,000 bolts in the roof structure.
  • The Arena has 387 doors and 624 steps in the building not counting the 57 steps in Victory Tower.
  • The total number of permanent seats in the Arena is 15,020.
  • The Arena uses 1,700 tons of cooling per hour for the air conditioning.
  • There are 224 toilets on the concourse level, 9 toilets on the mezzanine level, and 59 on the event level.
  • There are eight women's and eight men's public restrooms, plus eight unisex or family rooms located on the concourse level.
  • There is 133 miles of electrical wire installed by Acme Electric. This does not include any other cable or data lines.
  • The roof is 168,102 square feet; the metal roof is 53,568 sq. ft.; the tile roof is 56,504 sq. ft.; and the flat rooms are 58,030 sq. ft.
  • The drive in bay is located on the north side of the building.
  • There are 428 panes of glass in the exterior of the building.
  • The Arena has four meeting rooms which are 1600 sq. ft. each.
  • The Arena has one freight elevator and it measures 9'6" X 14' 4".
  • There are two public elevators located in the southwest and northwest corners of the building.
  • There are 24 suites which measure 276 sq. ft. and corner suites measure 611sq. ft.
  • The Arena has 19 individual offices in the building.  The men's and women's basketball offices and the volleyball team offices are housed in the Arena. Other offices include Arena Operations, Ovations, and video productions.
  • Ticket windows are located at each of the four corner entrances and at the west side entrance.
  • There are 115 wheelchair spaces.
  • It is 104 feet from the playing floor to the highest point in the ceiling.
  • There are four visitors dressing rooms, three Texas Tech dressing rooms, two official dressing rooms, and two part-time staff dressing rooms.
  • The site of the Arena was dug 19 feet down then filled in with two feet of dirt.
  • The Arena's total floor space is 123' X 168'.
  • The wood surface of the Arena floor is over 21,000 sq. ft.
  • The practice court is located on the north side of the Arena on the Event Level.



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