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Cindy Harper (806.742.7362)

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Eric Newell (806.742.7362)

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Please consult venue for sample maps and capacities.

United Supermarkets Arena Tour Production Information

Arena Floor

The main floor is 30, 141 sq. ft. (192' x 148') when retractable seats are not used, and has a permanent wooden floor that can be covered with GymDeck ABS floor protector for non-athletic events. The wooden floor is 20, 541 sq. ft. (167' x 123') and measures 8732 sq. ft. (118' x 74') when the retractable seats are used. Max floor width with retractable seating in place would be 86'w (row 1 & 2 decking removed).

Arena Elevations

From the floor to the bottom of the scoreboard: in 35' - out 65'-6”
From the floor to the catwalk: 65'-6”
From the floor to the rigging beams: 73'-6”
From the floor to the bottom of roof steel supports: 79'
From the floor to the top of roof steel supports: 90'-104'
From the floor to the bottom of the balcony deck: 39'-6”
From the floor to the Main Camera (West side center-balcony) 45'
From the floor to the Slash Camera Position (NW Balcony) 56'

Arena Rigging

Rigging beams are accessible from catwalk, which is accessed by retractable ladders. The catwalk is a complete rectangle and is located above the outer edges of the event floor.

The dedicated grid rigging beams are 14” x 7” I-beams, configured in 8' x 8' squares, and cover the floor area of the arena from the North extending past the South end of the scoreboard, and covering the floor on the East and West axis.

Rigging points are at the intersecting points of the beams with a net allowable load of 2000lbs at each point. A maximum of 12,000 pounds load can be hung from 5 adjoining beam intersections, with a maximum total rigging weight of 150,000 pounds. All rigging must comply with state and federal safety guidelines.

In addition, there are select high steel beams above the dedicated rigging grid that may be used, with a net allowable load of 4000lbs at each point, for a maximum load of 40,000 lb.

Grid Overlay Map

Load In

The exterior ramp into the building is inclined from street level grade down 240' L x 25' W, with 73' x 25' W level section at base of ramp. Loading door height complies with O.T.R. at 20'W x 13' 6” H and two trucks may be staggered and unloaded near the edge of the stage floor. Two trucks may be loaded/unloaded on the ramp outside of the arena. The tunnel area is 92'L x 32'W with no obstruction to the stage. There is no loading dock, and while fork trucks may be used on the concrete unloading area(s) they may not be used on the arena floor without prior approval -AND- a set-up of the arena's plywood floor coverings.


4ea. 400A 120/208 V -3phase 5-wire Backstage center
1ea. 200A 120/208 V -3phase 5-wire Backstage center
1ea. 200A 120/208 V -3phase 5-wire SW & NW Event Level Access
1ea. 200A 120/208 V -3phase 5-wire Prod. Truck (Inside)
1ea. 200A 120/208 V -3phase 5-wire Up-Link Truck (Exterior)
1ea. 30A 120/208 V Receptacle East & West Balconies (Spots)
2ea 30A 120/208 V Receptacle South Balcony (Spots)
4ea 30A 120/208 V Receptacle South Concourse (Spots)
4ea. 30A 120/208 V Receptacle South Catwalk (Spots)
6ea. 50A 120/208 V Receptacle Shore Power (top of loading ramp)

Follow Spots

Follow spots may be rented for the show and are typically placed on the south concourse. 4x positions are available.


The Arena has a Stageright decks, ME-500 adjustable height frames & Z-800 frames, stairs, ADA ramp, skirting and crowd control blow-through barricade. Bicycle-rack is also available.


The Arena has four (4) triax/coax multi-camera positions in the house that are wired into the Arena production facilities and to the Production Truck location inside the Arena at the loading area, which sends to the Up-Link Truck location at the top of the loading ramp.


The Arena sound system consists of 12 Meyer MSL-4s and 14 Meyer UPAs mounted under the scoreboard, and on the catwalks. House console is a Soundcraft Spirit 24 x 4 with Media Matrix DSP control. Patch panels are located throughout arena.

Inter Com

Arena inter–com consists of Clear-Com 2 channel system, with TW interface for connection to non
Clear -Com systems. Arena has limited inventory of headsets & belt packs.


House lights are Sterner metal halide and Sportlite CFL fixtures, controlled by Watt Stopper architectural lighting system. The Arena also has a 12 instrument Cyberlight System controlled by a High End Road Hog console.

Dressing rooms/Production office

  • The Dressing rooms include four 1040 sq. ft Visitor locker/dressing rooms, (A B C D), each with shower & locker facilities. Each room is carpeted and furnished with benches & stalls, and can accommodate 20-30 people.
  • The Men's & Women's Officials Dressing rooms are 24' L X 12' W and include shower & locker facilities. These rooms are typically used as promoter, tour or artist rooms.
  • The Press room is typically used for the Production office. It is 34 L x 23' W and is equipped with telephone and internet capability.
  • The Media Work room is typically used as the Catering room, and is 52' L x 30' W, equipped with counters, and is carpeted.

Meeting Facilities

  • The City Bank Conference Center, located on the south concourse level, is 120'L x 42'W x 10'H, divisible into 4 equal rooms (A B C D) by air walls. Each has its own sound system and lighting controls with a maximum seated occupancy of 360 persons (90 each), 480 (120 each) standing capacity. These rooms are often as a pre-show function area.
  • Club Red is located on the east concourse, and measures 65' x 62', with a maximum capacity of 235 seated, 500 standing.


The Arena is a non-union State Facility located in a right-to-work state.

No Smoking

The Arena is a non-smoking venue. Please observe this rule at all times.

The Arena seats 15,050 for basketball, and fully complies with ADA seating requirements (115 wheelchair-only spaces).