Texas Tech University


Running/Walking Routes

There are plenty of running/walking routes throughout the Texas Tech Campus. Below are just a few of our favorite routes in varying distances. Don't be afraid to create your own!

Route Name Distance PDF of Route Description
1 Mile Interior Campus 1.0 Miles Click Here Starting anywhere on the interior of campus, this route would be great for a brisk walk during lunch!
Additional Interior Campus Varies Click Here Various walking routes in the interior of campus
1.1 Mile Urbanovsky Park 1.1 Miles Click Here The outdoor running track through Urbanovsky Park
1.2 Mile Rec Track 1.2 Miles Click Here The Rec outdoor track with the addition of going around the United Spirit Arena
2.3 Mile Campus 2.3 Miles Click Here Starting at the Rec Center and running through campus on this great running route
5K Campus 3.1 Miles Click Here Our standard 5K route used for races, triathlons and just recreational running/walking
4 Mile Campus 4.0 Miles Click Here An extension of the 2.3-mile route, this run/walk will take you through parts of campus twice.

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