Texas Tech University

TTU Waco Faculty and Staff

Name Title
Badeau, Robert, Ph.D. Badeau, Robert, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice - Biology
Balk, Erin, Ph.D. Balk, Erin, Ph.D. Site Coordinator - Education
Button-Schnick, Andrea, Ph.D. Button-Schnick, Andrea, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice - Sociology
Calder, Deanna, M.S. Ed Calder, Deanna, M.S. Ed Lead Academic Advisor
Canales, Jordan Canales, Jordan Academic Advisor
Clark, Annalisa Clark, Annalisa Academic Advisor
Florence, R. Dustin, M.A. Florence, R. Dustin, M.A. Program Manager for Special Projects
Kleypas, Joseph, M.S. Kleypas, Joseph, M.S. Lecturer - Department of Restaurant, Hospitality, and Institutional Management
LaStrape, Anthony, Ed.D. LaStrape, Anthony, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Practice - Media and Communication
Larsen, Rebecca, MPA, MSW Larsen, Rebecca, MPA, MSW Assistant Professor of Practice - Political Science
Lee, Esther, Ph.D. Lee, Esther, Ph.D. Instructor of Anthropology
Lockwood, Stephanie, Ph. D. Lockwood, Stephanie, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Practice - Biology
McDunn, Dustin, M.A. McDunn, Dustin, M.A. Assistant Professor of Practice
Ray, Brandi, Ed.D Ray, Brandi, Ed.D Instructor, Site Coordinator
Rudd, Christopher, M.A. Rudd, Christopher, M.A. Administrative Assistant
Sari, Mufrettin, Ph. D. Sari, Mufrettin, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Practice - Chemistry
Singh, Harinder, M.S. Singh, Harinder, M.S. Assistant Professor of Practice - Plant & Soil Science
Snell, Lewis, Ph.D. Snell, Lewis, Ph.D. Director