Texas Tech University

Undergraduate: Internships

Internships are a great way for students to obtain out-of-the-classroom experience while still pursuing an education. They are one of the most valuable learning experiences you can have during your collegiate career. Please read more below about internships in each of the department's majors and requirements within each one.

Interdisciplinary Agriculture - Teacher Certification

All students majoring in interdisciplinary agriculture with the agricultural education track are required to complete a semester-long student teaching experience. Click here for more information.

Interdisciplinary Agriculture - Leadership

Internships are required for agricultural leadership majors.

Agricultural Communications

Internships are strongly encouraged for students majoring in agricultural communications. Students can earn credit for interning and following the checklist outlined below.

Internship Checklist

Before your internship

_____Read the Internship Manual.

_____Enroll in ACOM 4000 for the appropriate credit hours.

_____Complete the internship contract that contains three parts: 1) checklist, 2) agreement, 3) signatures. Turn this in to your adviser before you begin your internship.

During your internship

_____Arrive at work on time; exhibit a positive attitude; and willingness to work and learn.

_____Dress appropriately for the job.

_____Write your internship expectation reflection within two weeks of starting your internship.

_____Save examples of your work.

Toward the end of your internship

_____Have your supervisor complete the online survey to evaluate your performance.

_____Create your final presentation.

_____Write your final internship reflection within two weeks of finishing your internship.

_____Sign up for a time to give your presentation (this will be during the last week of school for that semester).


Agricultural Education & Communications