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The Agricultural Education and Communications Department offers two majors: Interdisciplinary Agriculture and Agricultural Communications. Students majoring in Interdisciplinary Agriculture for the B.S. degree may choose from two tracks: teacher certification or agricultural leadership.

The teacher certification track involves courses from many departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Elective courses can be selected in areas of special interest. Job placement in high schools, cooperative extension and community colleges offers a life-long career for many graduates and alternative employment opportunities for others. Students seeking teacher certification may also receive a degree in another agricultural area and, with proper planning, receive certification in agricultural education. Students seeking teacher certification should also refer to the section entitled “Teacher Education.”

The agricultural leadership track prepares students to enter a broad array of careers either in the public sector (legislative assistants, agricultural agencies) or private sector (training and development, management or sales in agricultural, food, and natural resource industries). This degree is also recommended for students interested in continued studies in professional schools such as Law or Business Administration).

Agricultural communications allows students to specialize in both mass communications and agriculture. The communications component consists of prescribed courses in journalism, speech, telecommunications, photography, and advertising. Students must select one of three areas for specialization: electronic media, print media, or public relations/marketing. Selection of technical agriculture courses allows students to specialize in areas of interest and to reinforce their general knowledge in agriculture.

The department offers a minor in agricultural leadership for students majoring outside the department.


Beginning Fall 2011, students majoring in agricultural communications or interdisciplinary agriculture will be required to have a personal laptop computer. Please click here to view system requirements. For more information contact the department or your advisor at 806.742.2816 or send an email to Dr. Steve Fraze at .


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