Texas Tech University

Industrial Advisory Board


The Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering Advisory Council membership includes graduates and friends of Texas Tech University. IAB members are successful engineers, business people, and entrepreneurs representing a range of industries.






 Sara Curry  Construction Engineering  JE Dunn Construction  Dallas, TX
 Gopal Guthikonda  Environmental Engineering  CP&Y, Inc.  Austin, TX
 Hans Hansen  Construction Engineering  Collier Construction Company  Lubbock, TX
 David Harkins  Environmental Engineering  Carollo Engineers, Inc.  Austin, TX
 Chad Henthorn  Construction Engineering  Teinert Construction  Lubbock, TX
 Philip Meaders  Civil Engineering  Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc Houston, TX 
 Rich Oller  Environmental Engineering  MBCO Engineering  Lubbock, TX
 Lonnie Satsky  Construction Engineering  Turner Critical Facilities  Dallas, TX
 R. Panneer Selvam  Civil Engineering  University of Arkansas  Fayetteville, AR
 Greg Soules  Civil Engineering  CB&I  Houston, TX
 Aubrey Spear  Environmental Engineering City of Lubbock   Lubbock, TX
 Terry Swanson  Construction Engineering  FRICKS Construction Management  Plano, TX
 Jason Swofford Chairman, Civil Engineering  Hugo Reed and Associates, Inc.  Lubbock, TX
 Tyson Thomas  Civil Engineering  Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Inc.  Houston, TX
 Lisa Turner  Construction Engineering  D.E. Harvey Builders  Houston, TX
 Brent Weckar Construction Engineering  Haydon Building Corporation  Fort Worth, TX 
 Eric West  Civil Engineering Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc   Midland, TX
 Jeff Williams  Civil Engineering  Graham Associates, Inc. Arlington, TX 


Department of Civil, Environmental, & Construction Engineering