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Texas Tech University and the Whitacre College of Engineering are dedicated to making sure that you have the necessary skills to start a successful career. As you may know, job hunting requires soft skills in addition to technical skills you will learn in class. As such, we are here to provide you with the information and training needed to make the most of your job search. Stop by the Engineering Opportunities Center in Engineering Center 102 if you have questions.

Tools You Need

Regular Emails

You will receive regular career updates from the EOC. We will share job opportunities, information about upcoming events, and other import career information. Be sure to save the Whitacre College of Engineering EOC email address as a safe sender. Keep your Job Grid profile up to date in order to receive targeted info in the regular emails.

Workshops and Training

We host regular workshops and training. Log on to Job Grid to see a schedule of upcoming career events.

Career Websites for Engineers

The Internet is a great tool for job hunting. Here is a list of websites that we believe are good tools for engineers looking for a job.