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Engineering Definedseal

Engineers apply the basic principles of science and mathematics to solve problems in our everyday lives. Engineers build and design automobiles, airplanes, bridges and all of the other products that you use every day -- but there's so much more to engineering than that. Some engineers design new materials one molecule at a time, some hunt for new sources of energy, and others design and implement the technologies that make this Web page possible. If you're a problem solver, an education in engineering or computer science is the way to go.

Engineering is for Girls!Female Student and Alumni Profiles

We want to build a true Community of Scholars in the Whitacre College of Engineering. To achieve this, we are looking for students from diverse backgrounds, including men and women from various cultures. Texas Tech was recently recognized by the American Association of University Women as one of seven schools that empower women. Read more about our female students and alumni who are making a difference at Texas Tech and in the world.

At Texas Tech: You Are FirstFirst Generation College Student Profiles

If you want to be the first in your family to attend college, we want you to be "first" at Texas Tech! We have resources and support for you to see that through to completion. Read more about first generation college students at Texas Tech and first generation alumni who were the first in their family to fulfill their dreams of attending college.

Your Vision Realized

At the Whitacre College of Engineering, our faculty, facilities, and academic support staff are ready to help you use your ideas and creativity to create new products and solve the complex problems that continue to confront us. The university, the college, and individual departments have scholarships that can help you fund your education and speed you on the path to your career. While the solutions to the world's problems involve an increasing amount of specialized knowledge, many of these fields have the same foundation and require similar problem solving capabilities and logical thinking. Whether you prefer to get your hands dirty, draw out the solution, or simply type up a storm, we have the right academic program at the right price.

Admission Requirements

Foundational Curriculum Courses

Make Your Skills Known

We know your primary reason for attending college: To get a great job! That's where the Engineering Opportunities Center comes in. We bring some of the biggest names in energy, technology, and engineering to you at our biannual Engineering Job Fairs. We help you prepare for the big day with workshops on working the job far, résumé tips, and interviewing skills, and we also provide access to our Job Grid where you can search for internships and full-time employment as well as read up on possible employers.

Learning and Support

We have recommendations on technology and computers that may be helpful for you in your studies at Texas Tech. University Student Housing offers a variety of Learning Communities to assist in your studies, including residence halls specifically for engineers and scientists, like Bledsoe Hall and Sneed Hall for males and Knapp Hall for females. As you can see, we're here to provide you with the services, tutoring, and support you need to make the most of your time at Texas Tech and transition into your career.

Contribute to Cutting-Edge Research

While classroom instruction and projects are great ways to develop your skills, we know that the best way to learn is to participate in research. That's why we're excited to offer our undergraduate students the opportunity to work along-side faculty members and graduate students in the laboratory. We have Undergraduate Research opportunities in many of our Research Centers and we encourage students to talk to their instructors about the research opportunities. Many faculty members have room in their labs for motivated undergraduates who want to make a contribution.