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Undergraduate Admissions

The engineering degree programs within the Whitacre College of Engineering consist of a freshman foundational curriculum followed by an upper-division program that includes courses taken in the sophomore, junior, and senior years. Upon completion of the foundational curriculum, a student must apply and be successfully admitted to a Whitacre College upper-division degree program. Students who are not successfully admitted to an upper-division degree program must transfer out of the college.

Freshman Admission to the Whitacre College Foundational Curriculum

For a freshman entering prior to January 2013, the criterion for admission to the Whitacre College Foundational Curriculum requires that the student must have the academic preparation necessary to begin an engineering degree program. Specifically, a student must be qualified to enroll in MATH 1451 (Calculus I) or higher.

Effective January 2013 and later, the criterion for admission to the Whitacre College Foundational Curriculum requires that a first time freshman or transfer student with fewer than 12 hours of transfer credit must be accepted to the university with assured admission status. The criteria used to determine assured admission status are SAT/ACT scores and class rank as shown in the undergraduate admission section of this catalog and summarized below.

Class Rank Minimum Test Scores for
Top Ten Percent No Minimum
First Quarter
(other than top 10 percent)
25 1140
Second Quarter 28 1230
Third Quarter 29 1270

Admission Requirements

Foundational Curriculum Courses

University PreEngineering

Students who do not meet the Whitacre College of Engineering admission requirements are admitted initially to the Texas Tech University PreEngineering Program and may apply for admission to the Whitacre College foundational curriculum upon satisfaction of the college internal transfer admission standards.

The Whitacre College of Engineering has partnered with Texas Tech University Advising to create the TTU PreEngineering Program, a student retention and success initiative that provides intense academic advising and support as students build the requisite math skills to be successful in an engineering degree program. While in pre-engineering, students will enroll in normal university core curriculum and foundational math courses.

Engineering presents an extremely challenging course of study. For students who determine that engineering is not an appropriate choice, the advisors in University Advising have the specialized training and are equipped with the tools necessary to assist students in finding a course of study that is best suited to their unique talents and interests. The ultimate priority is for every student to graduate successfully from a best-fit major.

Admission Requirements

Foundational Curriculum Courses

For more information on PreEngineering, visit University Advising's PreEngineering Site.

Admission to a Whitacre College of Engineering Degree Program

All new admissions to the Whitacre College initially work to complete a foundational curriculum consisting of English I, English II, Calculus I, and Calculus II plus two science courses and a first engineering course that vary among the engineering degree programs. The foundational curriculum is supplemented with courses from the university core curriculum and first general engineering courses (statics, thermodynamics, circuits, and materials science) to provide the opportunity for full course loads and scheduling flexibility.

When the foundational curriculum has been completed, students apply for admission to the upper division of their degree program. The acceptance criterion is based exclusively on a Texas Tech cumulative GPA that includes a minimum of 12 hours of coursework from the foundational curriculum. The specific GPA standard varies among the degree programs and may change from one academic year to the next as necessary to align enrollments with the educational resources.

Students must be prepared to make an alternate choice of major if their foundational curriculum GPA does not qualify them for their preferred major. Students who are not successfully admitted to an upper-division degree program are not allowed to enroll in engineering courses and must transfer out of the Whitacre College.

Admission Requirements

Foundational Curriculum Courses

Transfer Students

For more information on transfer admissions, visit the Transfer Students page.

Placement Exams

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

Placement in entry-level mathematics courses (0301-2322) is based on:

  1. Appropriate previous prerequisite collegiate mathematics credit, or
  2. Results of the departmentally administered MPE at Texas Tech

The exam can be taken on the math website at www.math.ttu.edu/placement and can also be retaken.

Students without appropriate prerequisite collegiate mathematics credit will be placed into entry-level courses based on the results of the MPE. More information on the Math Placement Exam, including a sample exam, is available at www.math.ttu.edu/placement

Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE)

Any student required to take CHEM 1307 (Principles of Chemistry I) must take the Texas Tech University Chemistry Placement Examination (CPE). Options available based upon the CPE score are discussed on the CHEM 1307 Assessment Results webpage.

More information on the Chemistry Placement Exam is available at www.depts.ttu.edu/chemistry/departmental/cpex.php

Choosing High School Courses

What courses do I take in high school if I want to be an engineer?

Engineering coursework at Texas Tech University builds on a strong academic foundation of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and other disciplines in high schools. View this guide, Preparing for a Degree in Engineering: Suggested Courses for High School Students to get advice on a suggested course flow that will help you to build a strong academic foundation in high school and prepare you for your time at Texas Tech as a Red Raider!

2+2 Program

Transfer students represent a key component of the Whitacre College of Engineering’s student population. That’s why we teamed up with community colleges throughout Texas to make it easier for students to transfer their work to Texas Tech University through our 2+2 programs. These programs allow students to complete key lower-division course a community college and through distance education. In this way, when students arrive, previous work will transfer smoothly and it is easier to begin upper-level courses. To find out more details about the program, please speak to your local community college advisors.

International Students

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