Young Guns Leadership


Young Guns Executive Committee Members

Name Year Degree
Andrew Dorow 2009 Petroleum Engineering
Arica Gonzales/McGovern 2010 Mechanical Engineering
Bilal Bissat 2010 Electrical Engineering
Daniel Swanberg 2008 Civil Engineering
Elissa Johnson 2005 Industrial Engineering
Matt Legler 2012 Computer Science
Will Thomas 2011 Chemical Engineering

Young Guns Board Members

Name Year Degree
Miller Adair 2005 Electrical Engineering
Kareem Ahmed 2008 Petroleum Engineering
Bilal Bissat 2010 Electrical Engineering
Andrew Brenneise 2010 Engineering Technology
Roman Budinskiy 2012 Petroleum Engineering
Nikki Conley 2007 Civil Engineering
Scott Cunningham 2012 Civil Engineering
Dalton Dewinne 2015 Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Dorow 2009 Petroleum Engineering
David Dukich 2013 Mechanical Engineering
Simeon Eburi 2006/2007 Petroleum Engineering
David Eckert 20014 Electrical Engineering
Daryl Ellis 2006 Computer Engineering
Kelsey Eubanks 2014 Industrial Engineering
Ruslan Filyukov 2009 Mechanical Engineering
Amy Fleischmann 2009 Electrical Engineering
Arica Gonzales/McGovern 2010 Mechanical Engineering
Jen Henderson 2004 Civil Engineering
Jared Higgins 2004 Mechanical Engineering
Elissa Johnson 2005 Industrial Engineering
Kelly Jonas 2011 Industrial Engineering
Matt Legler 2012 Computer Science
Christopher Lehmann 2007 Chemical Engineering
Lori Lusk 2001 Civil Science
Christopher Mullins 2011 Petroleum Engineering
Steve Myles 2002/2004 Industrial Engineering
Ross Nieman 2006/2010 Engineering Technology/Civil
Mark Olsen 2009 Mechanical Engineering
Rick Petersen 2012 Petroleum Engineering
Leo Pileggi 2013 Petroleum Engineering
Austin Ray 2012 Computer Science
Rowdy Stilwell 2008 Petroleum Engineering
Stephen Stoltz 2005 Engineering Technology
Justin Swaim 2005 Engineering Technology
Daniel Swanberg 2008 Civil Engineering
Oz Syed 2009 Electrical Engineering
Ravi Tekchandani 2011/2013 Computer/Electrical Engineering
Shelby Williams 2015 Mechanical Engineering
Jack Young 2008 Civil Engineering

Standing Committees

Alumni Feedback Committee

Responsible for providing feedback to Dean Sacco and the Whitacre College of Engineering regarding alumni experiences and suggestions related to their education background at Texas Tech through means such as surveys and focus groups.

Career Development Committee

Organizes professional events that are focused on providing career development guidance and advice from experienced Texas Tech engineering alumni to help Young Guns members develop professionally and learn from industry experts on a variety of technical and soft skills topics (e.g. panel sessions, professional luncheons and mentoring).

Communications Committee

Coordinates communication with Young Guns membership through email, social media and newsletter to make the membership aware of past and upcoming Young Guns events and activities.

Events Committee

Coordinates the overall Young Guns events calendar and supports other committees with event logistics and planning. The committee is comprised of five subcommittees for each city there are events (Houston, Dallas, Midland, Austin and Lubbock). Committee members can participate by volunteering at events (e.g. welcoming attendees, distributing surveys/events material) and / or planning events (e.g. brainstorming event ideas, coordinating speakers / venues).

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee helps to coordinate fundraising events that support the Whitacre College of Engineering and Young Guns activities. Committee members participate in the brainstorming, planning, and implementation of these efforts such as helping with silent and live auction items, event sponsorships, and event marketing. In the past this committee has helped with the Engineering Alumni Homecoming event. (Although Young Guns are encouraged to be involved in philanthropy, your participation on this committee does not require your personal financial commitment.)

Membership Committee

Manages the existing membership base and generates ideas on how to increase and maintain our membership. Some of the activities involved may include tracking membership numbers and event attendance to monitor growth and participation, work with Networking Chair to encourage event participation, plan and coordinate membership and recruiting activities, explain membership benefits to members and potential members, and welcome new members to the organization.

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